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Innovation, Beauty, and Environmental

MINDESIGN, the Italian pioneer of innovation and design, stands out not only for its unparalleled creativity but also for its strong corporate philosophy focused on the environment, beauty, and innovation. MINDESIGN’s mission is to create products that represent a harmonious balance between innovation, technology, and environmental sustainability. Ecological materials such as wood, marble, and aluminium blend into unique products, an expression of the company’s philosophy that combines aesthetics and environmental responsibility. Since its founding in 2016, MINDESIGN has planted a tree in the name of every customer for each product sold, in collaboration with Tree Nation. The ecological commitment extends to the company’s sites, which have zero impact on the environment thanks to Tree Nation, offsetting the carbon dioxide produced. Moreover, MINDESIGN’s product packaging is almost entirely plastic-free, reflecting the company’s commitment to waste reduction. MINDESIGN continues its journey, successfully combining innovation, aesthetics, and environmental commitment, demonstrating that design can be a positive force for our planet.

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Levia Lighting
Mindesign Srl, a leading company in the design and lighting sector, is thrilled to introduce its latest creation, Levia. This revolutionary table lamp represents an unparalleled fusion of modern aesthetics and innovative technology.

Levia is the result of years of dedicated research and development, redefining the concept of home lighting. Its revolutionary design incorporates a suspended light bulb, creating a magical atmosphere and a visual focal point in any space. Available in various finishes, including refined marble bases and versions plated in gold by Italian artisans, Levia adapts to every style, from classic sophistication to contemporary elegance.

At the heart of Levia lies an advanced system of electromagnetic induction and magnetic levitation. This unique combination of technologies allows the light bulb to effortlessly float in the air, creating a visual experience that challenges conventions and redefines the standards of home lighting

Mindesign Srl has united art and science with Levia, proving that creativity can coexist with technological innovation. The result is a lamp that not only illuminates spaces but also presents itself as a contemporary work of art.

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Image courtesy of Mindesign

Geizeer, the iconic product that blends Italian craftsmanship and ecological innovation, has reached a significant milestone of one million sales in its first year on the market. This elegant wooden cube, designed to cool and fragrance spaces, has quickly gained popularity for its unique combination of functionality and sustainability.

Geizeer, born from a crowdfunding campaign that sparked enthusiasm among innovation enthusiasts, is the result of Italian craftsmanship excellence. Each Geizeer is precision CNC- machined from a solid block of wood, then hand-finished and coloured, resulting in a unique piece with distinctive wood grain. The refined design and high-quality metal finishes make Geizeer an ideal addition to any environment.

Beyond its primary function of environmental cooling, Geizeer also acts as a fragrance diffuser. It houses advanced technology that transforms the surrounding air, enveloping spaces with delightful fragrances. This blend of technology and craftsmanship distinguishes Geizeer as a unique product.

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Geizeer symbolizes a commitment to environmental sustainability. Every step of the production process focuses on reducing environmental impact, and the collaboration with DHL Express through the “GoGreen: zero emissions by 2050″ program attests to a commitment to sustainable logistics. Moreover, in line with Geizeer’s eco-friendly mission, every purchase allows customers to plant a tree. Through collaboration with Tree-Nation, an organization dedicated to fighting climate change, each tree will be planted in the customer’s name, contributing to a healthier environment and a better world for future generations.

Geizeer has quickly captivated a global audience, earning recognition from international magazines and publications. The combination of elegance, functionality, and sustainability has made Geizeer a preferred choice for those seeking an innovative and aesthetically pleasing way to enhance the comfort of their surroundings.

more. www.mindesign.it

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