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Fashion | January 8, 2023 |

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Minimaliti is a contemporary jewelry design studio founded in 2013 in Tel Aviv, Israel by Lena Tirosh. She has a Master degree in History of Art from Tel Aviv University and she studied jewelry design at Kensington & Chelsea College in London. After finishing her studies she worked on developing her personal design language.

Back then she was using rubber as a main material for making her jewelry. The rubber captured her interest because of its bold appearance; she likes the rich darkness of the material and its industrial feel. It has a graphic presence and reminds her of large black ink marks on paper. While traditional jewelry values precious materials like gold, silver and precious stones, her design approach searches different aspects of the material. This can be seen when she uses rubber that emphasizes the value of design and aesthetics rather than the economic value of the material.

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Image courtesy of Minimaliti

Nevertheless, traditional materials serve as contrasting elements in the jewelry design. This tension between traditional and alternative materials is present in her designs when she chooses to combine between metal and rubber. The mix of materials in the jewelry piece enhances the qualities of each of the materials – the soft, elastic and opaque rubber in contrast to the polished, shiny and solid metal. By using metal combined with rubber she is also adding a “color” to an otherwise monochrome piece of jewelry.

She likes to keep it simple when designing. She uses basic practices and simple methods and her jewelry is mostly geometric. In the design process, she is looking to find a delicate balance between elements; basic geometric forms will often be repeated to make a visual rhythm and flow.

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Image courtesy of Minimaliti

She thinks that Fashion is a primary inspirational source for her designs. Other sources of inspiration include junk yards, used objects and textured surfaces. The collections she makes evolve as time goes on; she constantly reviews old collections, make changes, remove items or add new ones. At the same time new collections and designs are formed.

Minimaliti’s jewelry is hand made and sold in their boutique store in a prime location in Tel Aviv. Their customers are true art and design lovers that have an interest in modern, unconventional and outstanding adornments.


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Image courtesy of Minimaliti
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Image courtesy of Minimaliti
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Image courtesy of Minimaliti

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