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Image courtesy of Molkano


MOLKANO® is an Athens-based sunglasses brand that emerged with the vision of providing high-quality handmade sunglasses that are accessible to everyone. “At MOLKANO®, we craft handmade sunglasses, drawing inspiration from our deep commitment to superior craftsmanship and modern creativity. As always, fueled by passion for art and love for exploration, our journey commences with a shared vision among a dedicated team of artisans, opticians, designers, and aficionados, all united by a singular ambition: to craft sunglasses that not only protect the eyes but also ignite creativity. Every pair of sunglasses we meticulously craft embodies our commitment to excellence and innovation. From initial ideation to final execution, we ensure that each detail is infused with the utmost quality and precision.”

Image courtesy of Molkano

“Our dedication to utilizing premium materials, such as cellulose acetate sourced from the renowned Italian Mazzucchelli company, combined with collaborations with top-tier manufacturers employing cutting-edge techniques, guarantees that each pair of sunglasses epitomizes luxury and durability. Whether featuring bold geometric patterns, subtle minimalist designs, or avant-garde shapes, our collection celebrates the diversity of artistic expression. Fueled by a passion for art and innovation, we continually push the boundaries of traditional sunglasses, exploring novel realms of design and functionality. Discover the charm of our sunglasses, each bearing the name of an iconic city. Our journey of designing a new collection every six months spans nearly a year, ensuring that each pair of MOLKANO® sunglasses is truly unique.”

Image courtesy of Molkano

“Our Milan Collection, is inspired by the vibrant energy and timeless elegance of Italy’s fashion city. Our latest lineup showcases avant-garde sunglasses designs, among others, each bearing the name of iconic Milanese landmarks. A wide array of sunglasses choices tailored for both women and men.”

Image courtesy of Molkano

“Our Athens Collection, featuring bold and contemporary sunglasses designs is inspired by renowned locations in Athens. A wide array of sunglasses options for both women and men.”


Image courtesy of Molkano
Image courtesy of Molkano
Image courtesy of Molkano

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