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Image courtesy of MyNolla

The power strip you’d never want to hide

A new Finnish design innovation solves the common issue of unstylish extensions and turns extension cords into an environmentally friendly interior design product.

In recent years, more and more effort has been put into home decoration and interior design, but even the best kind of interiors suffer from a familiar problem: no matter how thought out the electrical plans are, in the end, there is always a need for extension cords.

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Image courtesy of MyNolla

The worldwide market for extension cords is huge, and extension cords are sold annually for more than ten billion dollars. After all, they are used everywhere. No effort has been put towards the design or user-friendliness of extension cords, however, which is why the main focus in interior design is on hiding them. A new Finnish design company MyNolla offers a solution to the common interior design issue and brings a new kind of Nordic design power strip to the market.

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Image courtesy of MyNolla

MyNolla is a Nordic design brand dedicated to enabling the best user value with a minimal impact on the environment. Founded by two friends in 2018, the heart of MyNolla today is a small and dedicated team of creative problem solvers and determined innovators working together for a more sustainable future.

The founders Miska Karvinen and Lennart Schmitz designed MyNolla power strip to enable their customers the best user value and uncompromised Nordic design. Known for its minimalistic shape and natural wood, MyNolla power strip is an elegantly designed extension cord that fits perfectly into any interior style. At the same time, it increases the flexibility of the space and facilitates easier management of electricity.

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Image courtesy of MyNolla

MyNolla power strip has been awarded the European Product Design Award and its design is recognized by Alberto Alessi.

Responsibly Made In Finland

MyNolla’s team strives to create a change in the electronics industry and develop products for longtime use. Unlike regular extension cords, MyNolla strips are designed to be repaired and recycled to support a longer life cycle.

“When we started to design MyNolla strip, we tried to ignore what power strips have traditionally been like. We started purely from user needs and developed a product that everyone would truly want rather than just need. Investing in longevity has also given us free rein to design a responsible and high-quality product in accordance with our own values,” says Miska Karvinen, founder and CEO of MyNolla.

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Image courtesy of MyNolla

Each power strip is equipped with a magnetically attached wooden top sheet, which can be changed to another design without any special tools. The top sheets are made of sustainably sourced natural materials, such as oak and walnut, and the selection is set to grow in variety. MyNolla has also collaborated with Finnish artists to create an illustrated limited-edition collection.

The products are made to order, which enables almost unlimited possibilities for customization for different purposes and styles. Individual service and product manufacturing according to unique needs guarantee better customer satisfaction and longer service life for the product. The products are also climate offset.

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Image courtesy of MyNolla

“We understand our responsibility as the designers of a new product, and taking sustainability into account has been a guiding factor for us, from the starting point of the design to material choices and production close by in Finland. All parts of MyNolla power strip are replaceable so that the product can remain in use as long as possible and its parts can be reused. We have happily noticed that the trend is getting stronger since the Right to Repair initiative in the EU is set to extend the life cycle of products and save raw materials in the future,” MyNolla’s team says.

MyNolla power strip is sold at MyNolla’s own online store and via selected retailers. delivers to all EU countries.


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