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Nadin Valava Florence

Design | December 2, 2021 |

Nadin Valava 3profumi
Image courtesy of Nadin Valva Florence

Nadin Valava Florence
Bagno a Ripoli, Tuscany, Italy

Nadin Valava Florence is a brand that was born from the desire to combine the essence of design with the refinement of the noblest fragrances in a line of home fragrances that give personality and style to any environment. The design is characterised by the elementary lines and full, vibrant colours of the refined diffuser ampoule, which becomes the perfect complement to any type of furnishing.

Nadin Valava Orange Pack Scatola
Image courtesy of Nadin Valva Florence

The external packaging, inspired by the Palazzo Nonfinito in Florence, offers a subtle suggestion that invites us to conceive of home fragrances as elements of sensory design that take on a face and a “perfection” of their own in every home, according to the context of their location and the atmosphere sought.

Nadin Valava Woods
Image courtesy of Nadin Valva Florence

The meticulous study of essences and the original combinations of their notes give life to a line rich in different olfactory sensations, from the freshest and most floral, to the most sensual and spicy, to the woody and meditative. Each fragrance is indicated for different occasions of use. Home fragrances can be purchased from our website​.


Nadin Valava Riviera
Image courtesy of Nadin Valva Florence
Nadin Valava Tris
Image courtesy of Nadin Valva Florence

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