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Image courtesy of Christelle Claude

Nei Miei Panni

Nei Miei Panni is an artisanal clothing brand, made in Bergamo, northern Italy. We design pieces built to last through the years and produce them in artisanal laboratories. The chosen materials are linen, cotton and wool, of Italian origin.

Video courtesy of Nei Miei Panni

Nei Miei Panni was created in 2012 by Cristina Gamberoni, an architect who began her brand with tailored pieces, followed by small series and then finally, seasonal collections. In 2018, the children’s clothing line was complemented by a women’s line, and in 2019 a unisex capsule line. Simple shapes that complement each other, with distinctive recursive elements, tailored for each season with new colours, and pieces perfect for layering and revisiting.

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Image courtesy of Christelle Claude

Nei Miei Panni values authenticity, respect for artisanal craft and the use of natural materials. Our clothes are produced responsibly, for a thoughtful purchase. Rather than overproduction, we prioritise conscientious consumption, with each piece being made upon order. At the centre of the project is the quality of natural materials and the freedom of moving shapes, as well as the goal of spending each day wearing clothes that make you feel good. Clothes for children, teenagers and women who want to tell their own story, and choose who they want to be. Nei Miei Panni is a trademark-registered brand.

Video courtesy of Nei Miei Panni

Cristina Gamberoni is an architect from Bergamo who, having always connected to the world of tailoring and fabrics, now designs, creates, and photographs clothes. In 2012 she started the Nei Miei Panni project, a blog for tailoring and photography, which soon became a children’s clothing line. Nei Miei Panni is a workshop of study and research for which the starting point is the fabric: its colour, its warp and weft. From this starting point, a series of artisanal pieces were created, which have now evolved into seasonal collections.

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Image courtesy of Nei Miei Panni

Nei Miei Panni draws inspiration from books, light, travels and a series of related projects within the world of art and education. Nei Miei Panni offers sewing workshops for children, encouraging the capability and creativity of each participant. It also collaborates with the GAMeC Museum in Bergamo, proposing workshops to connect manual creativity and photography. In 2017, Cristina presented an artistic performance at the Bernareggi Museum in Bergamo, titled, “Una donna vestita di sole”. She tailored outfits for three wooden Madonnas from the 17th century, styling them to her taste. She continues to work with drama groups for the realisation of costumes and backdrops.


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Image courtesy of Nei Miei Panni
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Image courtesy of Christelle Claude

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