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Nina Beier at DRAF, London

Art | September 26, 2014 |

Nina BeierNina Beier and Simon Dybbroe Møller, Industrial Revolution, 2013

Nina Beier at DRAF, London

A solo exhibition by Nina Beier presents recent and new sculptures including a major spatial commission created for DRAF. An ambitious new work, Tileables (2014), functions as a base for the exhibition.

Nina BeierNina Beier, Ruse Addiction Eruption Plunge, Crowd Vision Waste Plunge and Tileables, 2014

A 125 m2 mosaic of ceramic tiles individually printed with texture patterns originally designed for 3-D modeling software to imitate concrete, marble, mud and other surfaces takes the relationship between the digital and physical namesake to its absurd conclusion. These tiles are accompanied by delivered boxes of fresh vegetables, hacked flatscreen fireplaces, tangled garden hoses and stacks of handmade carpets; plotting a muddy field of the fluid and the petrified, the imitation and the actual.

Nina BeierNina Beier, Liquid Assets, 2013

“This exhibition is the culmination of a six-year conversation with Nina, presenting one of the most singular and accurate voices of recent years. We will focus this London presentation on sculptures, and so explore works that are trapped in an ambiguous position between an object and the representation of that object”- Vincent Honoré (Director, DRAF).

Nina BeierImage courtesy of Tim Ainsworth

Beier’s practice negotiates social and political questions of representation and exchange, inhabiting moments of conflict and correlation. She traces the convoluted relationships between objects and images, as mediation mutates information from things to representations and back again and images subsume or discard their referents to become distinct objects in their own right.

12 Sep — 13 Dec 2014
Symes Mews
37 Camden High Street – London NW1 7JE


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