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NYLOR®, the iconic French eyewear brand reinvents itself in 2023 under the new leadership of vintage admirers. In 1955, Société des Lunetiers (S.L.) – before becoming Essilor – brought disruptive innovation to market: the rimless frame, lenses being mounted with invisible nylon thread. Hence, the NYLOR® brand was created to exploit the new patent. Instant world-wide success followed and, at its peak, S.L. sold more than 1 million eyeglasses per year on 5 continents! After the patent expiry, Essilor focused on lenses and the NYLOR® brand was phased out during the 90ies.

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Image courtesy of Nylor

What was NYLOR®’s success based on? The invisible strapping with a nylon thread of the lenses – which is called today “nylor mounting” – enabled the creation of models with an extended field of view, lighter frames and sleek shapes (no rims, screws, rivets…). Fashion designers of the 60s started to innovate with these new possibilities, eyewear – and in particular sunglasses – becoming a genuine fashion accessory.

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Catherine and Jean are a couple with a passion for vintage artefacts. They have worked in the luxury goods industry, cosmetics and eyewear (at Alain Mikli). They took over the brand in 2021 for the relaunch positioned as high-end vintage.

“Our story with NYLOR® began on eBay”, says Jean Monnier. “We bought a vintage pair of sunglasses and got it shipped from Peru. Catherine had them equipped with optical lenses and she enjoyed immediate success among our friends”. The golden frame was signed NYLOR!”

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Image courtesy of Nylor

NYLOR® models have crossed time and borders. NYLOR® reedits these timeless frames in a minimalist aesthetic, with a contemporary touch bringing eyewear into the world of jewelry. To keep up quality excellence, frames are 100% handmade in Cadore, Italy, where these craftsman skills have been perpetuated. Excellent craftsmanship, optimized materials and minimalism characterize the frames and the production process.

Thanks to a partnership with ZEISS for the sunglasses product line, five historical lens tints have been unearthed from the lens maker’s archives, including the famous vintage colors “True Color grey“, a specific deep grey and the green known as “Calobar“. The collection is distributed by independent opticians who share a love for well-made products, and a passion for beautiful glasses and are eager to share them with their customers all over the world.

more. www.nylor.com

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Image courtesy of Nylor

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