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Alchemic Body London 002

THE LINE Contemporary Art Space, London | December 20, 2019 – January 31, 2020

ITSLIQUID Group, in collaboration with Mercato Metropolitano and YMX Arts, is proud to announce ALCHEMIC BODY | FIRE . AIR . WATER . EARTH 2019 that will be held in London, at THE LINE Contemporary Art Space from December 20, 2019 to January 31, 2020.

ALCHEMIC BODY | FIRE . AIR . WATER . EARTH 2019 is an exhibition of contemporary art, focused on the concept of transformation, starting from the alchemical processes, that aim to purify the nature elements: earth, air, water and fire.

New Alchemic Body London 003

organized by ITSLIQUID Group
curator Luca Curci
gallery manager Massimiliano Gordiani
project manager Francesca Brigandì
project coordinators Amaride Ferrante, Gaia Persichetti, Giulia Tassi
collaborators Siria Bottazzo, Ottavia Marilungo, Viola Persico, Michela Mazzurana
graphic designer Fabio Murgolo

THE LINE Contemporary Art Space

42 Newington Causeway, London SE1 6DR
11:00AM – 06:00PM | Tuesday – Sunday
OPENING December 20, 2019 | 06:00PM

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Alchemic Body London 005

The alchemists, recognized as the ancestors of modern chemists, worked to discover the way the world is made and to modify its structure. The mysterious practice of alchemy always influenced the art and the artists from all the centuries. Alchemists and artists are fascinated by the concept of transformation and they both work to discover and create new possibile worlds.

The human body is a changing system that connects us with other bodies and spaces to perceive the surrounding reality; a strong communication system with its own language and infinite ways of expression.

We invite artists to analyze the hidden parts of our identities, through an immersive experience inside the fascinating universe of the complex labyrinths of our consciousness.

New Alchemic Body London 001


Anas Abro . Pakistan | Sureyya Acar . Turkey | Ibeabuchi Ananaba . Nigeria | Gregory Antipov . Russia | Patrizia ArrigoDaumenlang . Germany | Neslihan Aydinlioğlu Eşin . Turkey | Avije Azadeh . Iran | Bob Bingham . USA | Bokiki . USA | Susan Carnahan . USA | Patricia Creyns . Belgium | Jelena Đurašković . Montenegro | Leilani Euphrosyne . Germany | Helena Faitelson . USA | Wenger Fant . Switzerland | Timo Frank . Germany | Botond Gagyi . Romania | Elena Gastón Nicolás . Spain | Heather Gentleman . Canada | Giacomo Giannelli . UK | Rita GrosseRuyken . Germany | Höhne Gabriele . UK | Lukas Horst . Germany | Shlomo Israeli . Israel | Ingunn Glomnes Johansen . Norway | Tuba Karakaş . Turkey | Ulla Karttunen . Finland | Oan Kyu . South of Korea | David Leitch . USA | Debbie YJ Lin . USA | Anastasia Lobkovski . Finland | Ron Miller . Germany | Deeya Mirchandani . UK | Motus Company . Italy | Anne Felicie Nickels . Sweden | Mari Nishimura . Japan | Crissy Oakfield . UK | Alessandra Pagliuca . Italy | Nina Pauloff . Spain | Natalie Penna . Australia | Gerhard Petzl . Switzerland | Sabrina Pirlot . France | Irena Prochazkova . Czech Republic | Héctor Rafael . USA | Hugo Rami (MyBrain) . Spain | Consuelo Rodriguez . Italy | G Roland . France | Deborah Sfez . Israel | Josephine Sloet . The Netherlands | Darja Štefančič . Slovenia | Gabriela Stellino . Germany | STUKAS1PUNTO8 . Italy | Rieko Tsuji . Japan | Tumbleweed . Belgium | Christel Van Hemelrijck . Belgium | Suzete Venturelli . Brazil | Michael Yamaoka . USA | Zinaïda . Ukraine

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During the last 20 years, ITSLIQUID Group has became a cultural hub between creatives, exhibition spaces and art lovers. Among our international partners, Art Now Fair, Art Vancouver, Design Tokyo, INDEX Qatar, INDEX Saudi, The Big 5 Construct Dubai, The Big 5 Construct Qatar, Photo LA Los Angeles and international magazines like Art Style. ITSLIQUID Group supports some of the most important no-profit organizations, like UNFCCC – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, SSCS – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, One Tree Planted, The Ocean CleanUp and Plastic Oceans, with the goal to increase public awareness about environmental issues. Click here to find out more.

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ITSLIQUID Group manages a variety of art spaces all over the world; among them THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space in the heart of San Marco Square in Venice and different historical buildings, THE LINE Contemporary Art Space in the London city center and other different partners worldwide. Since its beginning, the group has organized more than 250 events all around the world, involving more than 5.000 artists, in more than 60 international venues in Italy, USA, Canada, UK, Spain, France, etc. Most of the last events have been realized in museums (CCCB – Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona in Spain, NCCA – National Center for Contemporary Arts in Moscow, etc.), galleries and private foundations.

ITSLIQUID is based on fluidity, motion, connection and accessibility. Making things easy to do. Welcome.

The Line London Map


The Line London 005

THE LINE Contemporary Art Space

Located in the heart of London, 5 minutes’ walk from Elephant & Castle and Borough station, the Gallery is less than 1 km far from The Shard and TATE Modern and 2 metro stops from London Eye and Big Ben. THE LINE Contemporary Art Space is uniquely positioned at the second floor of Mercato Metropolitano, London’s first sustainable community market for food lovers, which promotes a healthy approach by focusing on artisans and local producers.

With its 4800 square feet floor plan and natural light, THE LINE Contemporary Art Space offers inspirations to a new generation of creatives: a wide open space in which to experience contemporary art and where artists, curators and art lovers connect themselves in a unique network by sharing their knowledge and exchanging ideas.

Mm London


Mercato Metropolitano started with a pilot project in 2015 during the World Expo in Milan, regenerating a 150,000 sq.ft. disused railway station. The development of the first Mercato Metropolitano was carefully planned to retain the site’s original appearance, which nurtured the local community’s affection for a special part of their urban history. Over a four-month period, we saw in excess of two million visitors and our customer spend was over €8 million. The concept evolved from this success, and we opened our first site in Elephant & Castle, London in 2016.

Our MMarketplace is where selected food suppliers and our trading partners connect with our visitors to breathe life into healthy living that helps local communities grow strong together. MM brings diverse food practices and ingredients from different countries, cultures and traditions into urban environments. We take a “Glocal” approach: global reach with a local focus. While you will find dishes from around the world in our marketplace, we encourage the use of locally-sourced, natural ingredients.


Visions2019 007
Image courtesy of Luca Curci | THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space
The Body Language 006
Image courtesy of Luca Curci | Misericordia Archives
Visions2019 008
Image courtesy of Luca Curci | Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi
Psx 009
Image courtesy of Luca Curci | THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space
Rituals2019 011
Image courtesy of Luca Curci | Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi
Rituals2019 012
Image courtesy of Luca Curci | Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi
The Body Language2018 013
Image courtesy of Luca Curci | Misericordia Archives
Londoncontemporary 014
Image courtesy of Luca Curci | THE LINE Contemporary Art Space
Londoncontemporary 015
Image courtesy of Luca Curci | THE LINE Contemporary Art Space
Londoncontemporary 016
Image courtesy of Luca Curci | THE LINE Contemporary Art Space
Rituals2019 017
Image courtesy of Luca Curci | THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space
Londoncontemporary 018
Image courtesy of Luca Curci | THE LINE Contemporary Art Space
Londoncontemporary 019
Image courtesy of Luca Curci | THE LINE Contemporary Art Space
Consciousness Animamundifestival2019 020
Image courtesy of Luca Curci | Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi
Consciousness Animamundifestival2019 021
Image courtesy of Luca Curci | Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi
Consciousness Animamundifestival2019 022
Image courtesy of Luca Curci | Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi

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