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Jorge Jurado Gallery, Bogotá 2016: November 19, 2016


It’s LIQUID Group, is proud to announce the opening of OXYGEN – FRAGMENTED CITIES+IDENTITIES, International Architecture, Video Art, Painting, Photography, Installation and Performing Art Festival, that will be hosted in Bogotá (Colombia), at Jorge Jurado Gallery, from November 19 to December 19, 2016.

OXYGEN – FRAGMENTED CITIES+IDENTITIES is organized and curated by Arch. Luca Curci (director of It’s LIQUID Group).

The opening of the event will be on November 19, 2016 at Jorge Jurado Gallery, starting from 11.00 AM (free entry). 


Click here to follow our event live on Facebook.


OPENING: OXYGEN - FRAGMENTED CITIES+IDENTITIES | Bogotá 2016Image courtesy of Elisabeth Van Dam 


OXYGEN – FRAGMENTED CITIES+IDENTITIES – Every human being lives relating himself to the built and unbuilt geographical contexts, the cities as result of human evolution. Every part of the city reflects the aesthetic, cultural, political and philosophical values influenced by the production of architectural form, and shows fragmented pieces of urban life. Fragmented cities and identities can be combined as a big collage, to create the link between the man and the space, the city and the ground to find new points of view, new ways of possible life in contemporary society. We invite artists and architects to share their ideas of cities and identities, in which they imagine to live.


organizer: It’s LIQUID Group
media partners: Dream Idea Machine | Art Prizes
curator: Arch. Luca Curci

project coordinators: Domenico Fallacara, Carmela Loiacono
collaborators: Carlotta Cosentino, Angelica D’Agostino, Gloria Sartore

press office: It’s LIQUID Group

Jorge Jurado Art Studio, CRA. 9 No. 117A – 53 – Barrio Santa Bárbara – Bogotá – Colombia

November 19-December 19, 2016
From Monday to Friday – 10:00 AM – 07:00 PM | Saturday – 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Closed on Sunday | Free entry





Rodrigo N. Albornoz . Argentina | Chedly Atallah . France | Kevin Badni . UAE | Hannah Berestizhevsky . Spain | Raquel Bigio . Argentina | Irene Blair . Sweden | Brittany Brush . USA | Francesca Busca . Italy | Joss Carter . UK | María Camila Cepeda . Colombia | Jade Chorkularb . UK | Andréia Paulina Costa . Brazil | Mark Cypher . Australia | Brigitte Dietz . Germany | Vasco Diogo . Portugal | Dascha Esselius . Sweden-Czech Republic | Carla Fatio . Brazil | Diana Fernández Vásquez . Guatemala | Paul Fletcher & Mark Pollard . Australia | Davide Fordiani . Italy | Ozturk Gamze . Turkey | Matheus Goulart . USA | Cristina Gutiérrez-Cruz . Costa Rica | Aimee Joaristi . Costa Rica | Heryun Kim . South Korea | Miyoung Kim . UK | Kurt Kohl . USA | Constanze Kratzsch . Germany | Linda Lasson . Sweden | Gudrun Latten . Germany | Christopher Matthew Luther . USA | Natalie McLeod & Staurt Foster . New Zealand | Emma Neilson . UK | Salar Niknafs . Australia | Yelizavyeta Ovdiyenko . Germany | Morag Paterson . UK | Ipung Purnomo . Indonesia | Natalia Rodriguez Caballero . Mexico | Peter Russom . USA | Alessandra Sequeira . Costa Rica | Gary Setzer . USA | Yohei Shikano . Japan | Nargiza Usmanova & Maxim Zinchuk . Canada | Charlie Wayne . France | Shanglie Zhou . Belgium





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Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 33
70122 Bari (Italy)

Santa Croce, 1116
30135 Venezia (Italy)


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