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Image courtesy of Ozio


Ozio is a brand born from the creativity of Piero Quintiliani, a designer who has been active since 2002 in providing consultancy to brands that operate internationally. Ozio is a small revolution, a project that aspires to lead people to rediscover the precious gestures and small actions that qualify free time and moments of relaxation. The products of Ozio help people to (re)discover the pleasure of taking a break from the incessant flow of the outside world to devote themselves. Ozio encourages to do. To create. With imagination, with emotion, with personality.

Image courtesy of Ozio

Ozio, Objects of Modern Design, Cultivating Passion For us, Ozio [Italian for leisure] is a time in which we are free to dedicate ourselves to our passions and interests. It is often necessary to remove ourselves from the worries of daily life to regain one’s own worldviews. To be ourselves. Practical objects: modern and intuitive gadgets with original design Ozio products are dedicated to your quality time, making it more intense, enjoyable, and free.

Image courtesy of Ozio

They are our antidote for a life that is always in a rush, highlighting the importance of simple pleasures, the moments we dedicate to ourselves and our pleasures. Every product is born from an invention from our designers, making them unique. They are created to last the test of time, thus preserving the Earth’s resources. It is your time to inspire us. The time you dedicate to yourself by deciding to ignore, at least for a while, the hustle and bustle of a world that often takes us away from our needs, rather than being connected to them.

Image courtesy of Ozio

Product description. Tama, the hand-warming mug. Ideal for the cold-hearted or for those who want to give the enveloping warmth of a hug. Insert your hands into the two side pockets and enjoy your moment of relaxation! Rigo. In Rigo simplicity and design are enhanced by vibrant colours so you never get lost between pages. The paperclip design makes it easy to use, and its thickness is designed to make it easy to grip. Made of strong, durable material Rigo is the perfect companion for any reading.

more. www.oziotime.com

Image courtesy of Ozio
Image courtesy of Ozio

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