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Pamu Quiet_01
Image Courtesy of Padmate


Padmate is a division of the Harda Group, a business that’s been working with leading companies since 2004. Padmate was founded in 2010 and has design, R&D, and lab testing facilities as well as large manufacturing bases. With over 20 years’ experience of working with leading global companies, the company has gained an in-depth understanding of R&D, Manufacturing and Project Management for new and future projects.

Pamu Quiet_02
Image Courtesy of Padmate

Pamu Quiet is the industry first hybrid active noise cancelling (ANC) earphones which are approved by QUALCOMM and AMS integrated solutions. Thanks to dual chip integrated solutions powered by Qualcomm and AMS advanced technologies, the deepest attenuations reaches 40 dB, testing conducted by Padmate lab, yet with no sacrifice to high definitions when switching to noise cancellation.

The feedforward microphone (FF) detects the external sound and counter it with equivalent anti-noise through working of software algorithm, the feedback microphone (FB) detects if there are any unwanted noises remains, and then uses the equivalent anti-noise to block them out as well. This is how the feedforward microphone and the feedback microphone work together to achieve hybrid active noise reduction effectively which allows noise to be suppressed at a broader range of frequencies. Empowered by industry-leading Knowles Microphones, PaMu Quiet is delivering exact and outstanding noise cancelling effects especially in low and middle frequencies, with deepest attenuation up to 40dB. Three microphones on each earbud featured with different functionality, seamlessly together they enable PaMu Quiet an excellent pure performance whether during noise cancelling or making phone calls.

Pamu Quite Mini_08
Image Courtesy of Padmate

PaMu Quiet is engineeringly customized in accordance with the sound cavity structure of the earphone. The larger 10mm dynamic speaker seamless worked with chip that is delivering superior sound even with this compact designed of PaMu Quiet. The combination of the following delivers an unprecedented sound experience and performance with beautiful balance across the full frequency range: 10mm large dynamic driver enhances the depth of the bass. Agile Pen Titanium Composite Diaphragm delivers good ductility. Precious Titanium Metal produces awesome sound quality at high frequencies.

Pamu Quite Mini_09
Image Courtesy of Padmate

With a stylish pocket-watch design, continuing with its passion for unique original design and dedicating for superior gene with PaMu ever since it was born, PaMu Quiet is textured by madding up of core elements leather and metal. Exhausted fineness of details and technology-sensed formed by dynamic starry charging indicators. The charging indicators are composed of 30 LED lights, which are divided into three strips, forming dynamic starry lightning during charging. A clam shell adoption of charging case bring exciting new open-close interaction. Multiple classical straps for use with charging case, together they enrich the scenarios of using an earbuds and easy match fashion dress codes. Perfect for music lovers whom geek trendy and cool cultures.

Pamu Quiet is also available in Mini size, as Pamu Quiet Mini.


Pamu Quiet_03
Image Courtesy of Padmate
Pamu Quiet_05
Image Courtesy of Padmate
Pamu Quiet_06
Image Courtesy of Padmate

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