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Image courtesy of Palm Springs

Palm Springs
A cruise in resort-wear.

Palm Springs is a studio that aspires to cover resort living on all levels. We aim to craft an all-around experience, that leaves no doubt about who looks the freshest lounging by the azure blue pool. Our products will arrive in curated instalments, like chapters in a slow-burning summer novel. What to expect next? Think sleek pool-sliding sunglasses, to keep the sun elegantly at bay. And a series of beach bags crafted from ocean waste plastics, to hold all your seaside belongings, in an ethical manner. Palm Springs is always on the move at a summery leisurely pace, and we invite you to join us, at ease.

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Image courtesy of Palm Springs

Do not let them start the rumour, and if they do, as rumours go, make sure it is a little cheeky. Here, at PALM SPRINGS, we believe in a leisurely take on things. On a casual weekday, you can find us sun-seeking, sartorially lounging about or lazing around on a freshly manicured lawn. In our universe, you will find no creative or moral restrictions, instead, we adopt a liberal approach to life. A life, rich in modern art, 50s furniture, sunny villas, Hockney paintings, tasty sundowners, and hidden Bunga-lows. Haute getaways, indeed, soft canary yellow sunbeds, oh yes please, crisp turquoise pool-siders, absolutely; well, by now, you probably get the picture.

When we speak resort, we think more of classic mid-century watering places and social clubs that provided a sense of ultimate seclusion. Time was not present here. People gathered, spoke, and daydreamed a little underneath the simmering sun, comfortable and at ease. Perhaps this yearning for the olden days in the Springs, may seem a little naïve, but at PALM SPRINGS we insist on embracing this joyful take on pool life.

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Image courtesy of Palm Springs

artist series #1
The first artist series. We invited like-minded artists, to develop specially curated works for our resort wear. Every single one of them forms a testament to the artist’s eye and specific oeuvre. For this first set of dainty watches, we asked Jessica Brilli, Bernhard Buhmann and Peter Zimmermann, for their singular take on resort living. For Jessica, this meant a return to childhood summers, in the shape of paintings based on classic American photography. Bernhard opted for for cutout collages, that play with summer colours and contrast in a playful manner. And on the other end, Peter developed his pool series, blending shades in a watery palette, allowing for light and reflection to shine through.


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Image courtesy of Palm Springs
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Image courtesy of Palm Springs
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Image courtesy of Palm Springs
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Image courtesy of Palm Springs

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