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Panoramic Awareness Pavilion by Olafur Eliasson

Art | January 21, 2014 |

Olafur EliassonOlafur Eliasson, Panoramic Awareness Pavilion, 2013. Image courtesy of Rich Sanders

Panoramic Awareness Pavilion by Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson is known for his large scale immersive installations in which he explores the boundaries of light and color; intensifying the experience viewers have on his works and altering people’s perception of their surrounding environment. His ‘Panoramic Awareness Pavilion‘ (2013), installed at the John and Mary Pappajohn sculpture park at the Des Moines art center in Iowa, considers these notions further.

Olafur EliassonOlafur Eliasson, Panoramic Awareness Pavilion, 2013. Image courtesy of Rich Sanders

Recalling his architectural extension ‘Your Rainbow Panorama‘ of the ARoS museum in Denmark, the structure is a composition of twenty-three panes of partially silvered colored glass. Each one is held up vertically by steel frames, arranged to form a circle, with an opening on the north side.

Olafur EliassonOlafur Eliasson, Panoramic Awareness Pavilion, 2013. Image courtesy of Rich Sanders

The panels have been treated with a reflective coating which sees their edges function as opaque mirrors, gradually transitioning into strips of transparent colored-glass at their centers. The result is a kaleidoscopic rainbow effect that communicates with the city lights beyond, the encompassing configuration offering a spectrum interrupted by continuous views of the green space where it is situated.

Olafur EliassonOlafur Eliasson, Panoramic Awareness Pavilion, 2013. Image courtesy of Rich Sanders

A fresnel lamp sits on a tripod at the heart of the enclosure, illuminating the ‘Panoramic Awareness Pavilion’ from within, making it simultaneously a light sculpture and piece of architecture which encourages passersby to enter and interact with it, demanding distance for proper appreciation of the work.


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