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Paperwallet® makes incredibly thin artist-designed wallets made from Tyvek® smart material. The wallet is only a few mm thin when empty, and expands with use to fit the user’s needs. Paperwallet has released dozens of limited edition designs by established & emerging artists… with many more in the works pending release. A collection of functional art that acts as a calling card for artists. A well-engineered fusion of design, function, and comfort.

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Image courtesy of Paperwallet

Paperwallet is influenced by the art of origami and visual design. We aim to create a unique & functional canvas for artists to get their work off the wall and into peoples’ pockets. With the environment in mind, Tyvek® is our material of choice. Its supreme durability, resistance to water, and expansion over time results in a classy fusion of design and function. We’re proud to offer quality products that remain affordable while still giving back to artists and the environment.

Tyvek® material is paper-thin, water-resistant, extremely durable, and eco-friendly-made in part from recycled PET (material used to make plastic bottles) and is 100% recyclable.
A focus on creating eco-friendly, durable, and artist designed accessories.

Products include: Slim wallet, Micro Wallet, Clutch, Flat wallet, and Magic Coin Pouch.


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Image courtesy of Paperwallet

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