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Pitti Uomo, Fessura and the desire for outdoor living and hiking

Fashion | June 26, 2023 |

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Image courtesy of Fessura

Pitti Uomo, Fessura and the desire for outdoor living and hiking

Fessura responds to the desire of those who love to experience the outdoors and hiking with the creation of a new model that is as perfect for a trip into nature as it is for a day in the city. The TRAILFLEX Vettore E15 (VTR-E15) is the new trail running shoe inspired by Monte Vettore, the highest peak in the Monti Sibillini National Park. This is not a random choice: FESSURA was born in the heart of the Marche region and is rooted in the territory. The desire to enhance it is inherent in the DNA of the brand, which aims to revolutionise the world of trainers by focusing on Innovation, but without ever forgetting the values of Tradition.

The model has a technical mesh upper with breathable properties, tape and reinforcements that guarantee comfort, mobility and an unprecedented fit: at Fessura, the dialogue between the worlds of technology and fashion is continuous and fruitful. In addition, VTR-E15 features both a REFLEXSYSTEM midsole in EVA foam, composed of four pads that absorb and release energy simultaneously, and an anti-slip EASYGRIP, outsole with robust rubber cleats. The shoe is designed to offer outstanding grip in all weather conditions and features unprecedented protection. Andrea Vecchiola, founder and managing director of Fessura, presents the third generation of shoes equipped with ReflexSystem. “The ReflexSystem patent,” he explains, “is a system of pads in the sole that absorb and release energy at different points of the foot according to the principles of plantar reflexology.”

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Image courtesy of Fessura

“Trailflex is the third generation of Reflex, which began with Basic. Trailflex is the first trail running shoe, made by our company, that also has this technical sports approach. The benefit is to have a greater anti-shock effect than any other shoe and to have a reflexological-plantar effect, therefore, a benefit for the body. It’s a healthy shoe,” Vecchiola adds. “The shoe we are presenting, Trailflex, has an abbreviation that is vtr-e15 which recalls the E15 route that leads to the summit of Monte Vettore, the highest in the Sibillini Mountains. Fessura is a company from the Marche region and we are keen to sponsor the area. For the official launch, which will take place in spring 2024,’ Vecchiola concludes, ‘we will organise a trail race in the beautiful territories of the Marche Apennines.

more. www.fessura.com

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Image courtesy of Fessura

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