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Art | May 24, 2007 |

performance-art / education / travel / meeting / exchange


Workshop offer
– July 18 – 28, 2007 in Berlin, Germany
– August 12 – 22, 2007 in Gdańsk and Gdynia, Poland
– November 4 – 18, 2007 in Tel Aviv, Israel

Organization: Angelika Fojtuch & BBB Johannes Deimling

website: www.portperformance.net
email: info@portperformance.net
PORT PERFORMANCE is a Forum for Performance Art, founded 2006 by the artists and art teachers Angelika Fojtuch & BBB Johannes Deimling. We offer intensive Performance Art workshops for students, young artists and interested people at the border of water and land to develop individual artistic work or taking first steps in performative art, get knowledge from experienced performance artists and exchange and discuss ideas with other international people.

The Port as a place of constant exchange, a daily inport and export of values, a place where water and land come together, is the basic idea of the project. In Art Performances the human body is a port for exchanges of inside and personal values with the outside world. Communication takes place. PORT PERFORMANCE conects Performance Art with education, traveling, meeting and exchange to a special form of teaching Art in context. The aim of the workshop is to work out an Art-Performance and its final public presentation. The polish word “CUMA” means hawser and is a metaphor for our final presentation, where we fix the results of the workshop in a public event. During the workshop time we will realize specifical excercises that will help to transform own ideas into a performative work. The center of the workshop focuses the perception of the own personality and the communication with the body. Own perception and selfexperiences characterize the feeling in dealing with body, time and space in performance-art as well as in ordinary communication. To understand his body as a tool and to use this tool in his own communications is the main value of this workshop. Besides this we offer cultural specials, like visiting special art or cultural places, meeting with artists and gallery owners and background informations about the relative art scene. As part of our teaching concept this specials offer the participants direct contacts to artists, galleries and cultural insititutions, that they can use after the workshop for their own needs.

Our first two workshops we have successfully realized in Gdansk in Poland, Tallinn and Parnu in Estonia.

The next workshops.

Berlin, Germany
The third workshop will take place from the 18th to the 28th of July in Berlin. Invited by the association for artistical reasearch Berlin to the “Mistake” project Port Performance offers an interesting workshop in the german capital. The workshop place is in the former cargo harbour of Berlin and the former border of east and west Berlin. The mistake or the failure or the misunderstanding will be the research field during the workshop. Learning and individual developement based on mistakes and failures is not to understand in a negative way, but more as an understanding of searching and finding. It is not about, that one fails, but more how. In an creative process, that has the aim to put a mental idea in to practise, there are all the time points where we fail. This potential we will discover and use for to develop and realise art performances.
27th of July 2007, 7 pm, CUMA #3, the final presentation, Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben, Berlin www.kunstfarik.org
Price for this workshop 250 euro (incl. accodomation, without victuals and travel costs)

Gdańsk & Gdynia, Poland
The fourth workshop we offer from the 12th to the 22nd of August in Poland in cooperation with Laznia – Center for Contemporary Arts, Gdansk. The two cities at the baltic sea connects an interesting duality. Gdańsk with its traditional and historical meanings on the one side and on the other side Gdynia as a young and dynamic community. Two towns, two faces. But both base their existence on the relation to the sea with ports, ships, shipyards and fishings. An interesting field for our performative researches between contrast and balance.
21st of August, 7 pm, CUMA #4, the final presentation, Laznia Center for Contemporary Arts, Gdańsk www.laznia.pl
Price for this workshop 250 euro (incl. accodomation, without victuals and travel costs)

Tel Aviv, Israel
Our fifth wotkshop we will realize in the port city Tel Aviv from the 4th to the 18th of November. In collaboration with PAP – Performance Art Platform we will have a straight connection to the Performance art scene in Tel Aviv. Adva Drori artist from Israel told us in a mail: “You know, there are so many things to see here and cultural events. Sometimes I wonder how is it possible to have so much art and events in a reality of war. Any way it is a bless to have it.” The political situation in Israel and the private life that exists besides each other will be the research field in this workshop.
17th of November, 7 pm, CUMA #5, the final presentation, Performance Art Platform, Tel Aviv www.miklat209.org
Price for this workshop 550 euro (incl. accodomation, without victuals and travel costs)

For all three workshops you can order the application forms now. Just send your request by mail to info@portperformance.net with the name of the city in the subject.

For more and detailed informations please visit our website www.portperformance.net or contact Angelika Fojtuch or BBB Johannes Deimling by email info@portperformance.net

“Angelika Fojtuch and BBB Johannes Deimling – are an unusually and interesting example for a couple creating art together. Apart from their own works (individual and collaborative) they lead workshops which put another engaging formula of performance art into practice – community of individualisms, the sum of talents by each person, that bears fruits of individual realization, that all together creates a successive work. Workshops are works of art in their activities.” Lukasz Guzek, www.spam.art.pl

An Interview with Angelika Fojtuch & BBB Johannes Deimling, speaking about the PORT PERFORMANCE Workshops you can find here.

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