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praktrik 4×3 table

Design | April 1, 2011 |

PRAKTRIK is a new brand that focuses on sophistication free design.
The production is getting more and more hi-tech, the details more and more complicated and specific for each manufacturer. We think there is still space for movement in the opposite direction!

Our aim is to design products that are simple in detail and technology, traditional and harmless in materials they are made of, and modern and creative at the same time.

4×3 is one of our attempts to achieve the abovementioned goals. It is two things in one: a coffee table, and a brain game. It is inspired by interlocking burr puzzles and requires no glue or any fixtures to be assembled. The several different possible set-ups of its wooden base offer flexibility and variability, it is also appropriate for frequent change of place for its fast assembly and flat package. The shape of the 12 wooden parts is simple; as a result, a good table saw is completely enough for its production.

The glass top allows the base to be clearly seen and emphasized. This material also helped us realize our intention all elements to be made of solid pieces, avoiding any gluing. Because of ecological reasons the customer is given the chance of buying the top from a local manufacturer, it also reduces the shipping price considerably.

You can try to assemble it without instructions, but if you do not succeed do not be afraid – there is a manual inside!

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