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Design | March 25, 2020 |

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PROJECTKIN creates iconic travel products with a purpose by using our philosophy of Nordic design to address the urgent need to reduce the environmental impact of travelling. We are a group of founders that experienced a disconnect between design/quality and sustainability. We felt the need for creating a better alternative for the mindful traveller. That is now almost 3 years ago when we started the first product development on our suitcase and soft case bags. Today we have launched our product lines to the world and are now selling our products on our website globally as well as in selected design and sustainability shops.

Image courtesy of Projectkin

PROJECTKIN is bigger than any one product we offer. It is about setting a higher bar for ourselves and treating the planet right. Our brand name is made up of:
PROJECT: A venture towards a common cause, which requires the combined efforts of the many rather than one
KIN: A tribe of people united by that cause – a cause to promote sustainable behaviour in everything we do.
Or said differently, we want to offer a better alternative to the mindful traveller!

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PROJECTKIN was born out of a desire to permanently change the standards for travel products and the way people travel. It is about moving away from consumption for the sake of consumption and creating things of true quality. We have chosen to collaborate with designers who work within the Nordic design philosophy of minimalism and functionality, while sharing the same beliefs around sustainability. Together with Boris Berlin we have created a suitcase with a shell made from a unique composition of flax and bioplastics mimicking the physical properties of traditional plastic trolleys, while saving 2 kg (4,5 lbs) of conventional plastics. In collaboration with Thomas Bentzen, we have created a range of bags made from hemp and flax, thereby avoiding the use of water and pesticide demanding cotton. Using these materials from nature give the products a raw and natural look and feel that is instantly recognisable.

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There are a number of unique characteristics:
We make our materials the hero: We use materials from nature. That means they look natural, feel natural and are natural. A product from PROJECTKIN is recognized by its raw and natural look and feel, and is instantly recognizable. We work with iconic designers: The designers we choose to collaborate with work within the Nordic design philosophy of minimalism and functionality. They share our beliefs when it comes to sustainability.

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There was no honest take on sustainability and design in the industry. We saw a huge opportunity in offering a better alternative to the existing products. We have changed the game by introducing a completely new type of materials meanwhile focusing strongly on quality and design. By selling directly to the consumer we also cut-out the retail margin and can thereby offer high quality products at a much more competitive price than others. PROJECTKIN is for the global traveller with a conscious mind when it comes to their consumption habits. They want the best when it comes to product quality, and look for a better alternative when it comes to both design, sustainability and design than what the current market offers.

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We want to commit to the world one step at a time starting with a sustainable suitcase. Then gradually expand our universe of products and services to cover all aspects of what the mindful traveller look for. PROJECTKIN is a new Nordic startup focusing on creating sustainable travel goods for the mindful traveller. PROJECTKIN creates timeless design classics that are made from natural and biodegradable materials designed by leading Nordic designers. PROJECTKIN was born out of a desire to permanently change the standards for travel products and the way people travel. It is about moving away from consumption for the sake of consumption and creating things of true quality.


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