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Everything comes from nature, even us

Rawness breathes 100% natural, it redefines the new way to wear natural, organic, handmade scents, the ones which trap the whole power of Nature, leaving all the beneficial properties of plants untouched. Raw materials are the starting point of this project and they determine its path. Our selection takes into consideration botanical brands with a strong personality and an avant-garde vision of Luxury. Being sustainable and natural becomes the first step to defining a perfume ethically.

We choose functional fragrances according to the therapeutic properties of plant and flower natural extracts. Our selected products are the results of handcrafted techniques inspired by the past when perfumes were the task of witches, alchemists, doctors and ministers. Using naturally derived ingredients allows us to go far beyond the cosmetic level in order to explore the holistic influence these plant essences have on our lives. Our fragrances exploit all the aromatherapy benefits of natural ingredients. In the perfumes of our collection, nature life is alive and when our fragrances combine with your unique personal scent, olfactory magic happens.

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Aer is an independent brand of natural perfume placed in Berlin. lt joins luxury, beauty, craftsmanship and sustainability in a single exceptional product. The perfumes are daring, charming and 100% natural, perfect for a modern lifestyle. Our business purchases the ingredients all over the world, mixing them manually in its atelier in the heart of Berlin-Mitte. Perfumes are proudly 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free. All the ingredients are directly taken from plants; the perfumes do not contain chemicals or synthetic products. The company gets its supplies from small manufacturers who stand out for their use of traditional techniques, sustainable harvest and fair trade.

For almost a decade, Abel has been on a quest to create the world’s best 100% natural perfume without compromising on ethics or aesthetics. Master Perfumer Isaac Sinclair uses the latest in renewable ingredients alongside the best in heritage naturals. Abel relentlessly innovates with fragrance development, packaging and processes to challenge industry norms and provide biodegradable, environmentally friendly fragrance alternatives for conscious urbanites over the world.

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Thanks to its scents Bravanariz gives voice to Nature, it picks up the perfect notes of forests, able to influence and change the soul of the ones who is listening to them. The quintessence of vegetal life, in order to speak the plant language. Perfumes are 100% natural, only made with local plants, most of which are hand-picked, in total respect of the environment. Each perfume suits the one who wears it, getting exclusively individual features. A perfume that interacts, grows, and breathes with the individual who is wearing it.

Considerately produced on the island of Saaremaa. Independent production allows producing per demand to avoid so-called dead stock and make sure to offer the freshest product possible. Saaremaa belongs to the worldwide Unesco Men and Biosphere concluding unique areas around the world with peculiar traditions that have preserved its pure nature and enjoy crafts which are inspired by nature. By mukk is a sea-inspired skincare collection created with organic certified and plant-based ingredients. The aim is effective skincare that is kind towards both, the body and the environment. Products are made on the island of Saaremaa.

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A visual journey, symbolized by abstract images, in which the faces of our time’s most iconic women inspired by the shapes of nature go on to embody goddesses. Later, enchanted by the harmony of water, earth and plants of the Mediterranean landscape, passion was born between Franco and Manuela, both of them sharing a love for nature and beauty. Each of the Fragile Cosmetics body and hair products is vegan, cruelty-free and made of at least 98% natural ingredients. The highly effective ingredients are parabens, sulphates and petroleum-free. Each one contains an exceptional blend of essential oils and natural ingredients, carefully selected for their beauty-giving properties, in complete respect for nature with a conscious approach to agricultural cultivation.

We call ourselves Heretics because we’ve chosen to disrupt the status quo and do something different. Working with naturally-derived botanical ingredients, we create vibrant non-gendered functional fragrances blended in organic non-GMO sugarcane alcohol so you can experience the Ayurvedic benefits of the powerful plant materials. Using ancient perfumery traditions and handcrafted in small batches at our Los Angeles studio, these natural fragrances are always vegan and cruelty-free.

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Hiram’s perfumes are best described as intense, opulent and expressive. This is in part due to the precious and sometimes extremely costly natural ingredients that he sources from all over the world. The perfumes’ rich colours come from the ingredients therein and give the bottles their jewel-like appearance. The initial inspiration for a perfume could come from anything: from music to art to travel. An abstract idea is then slowly, and with extreme care and precision, translated into something tangible. It is not uncommon for Hiram to make hundreds of trials over the course of several years before settling on the final formula.

Saint d’Ici is a botanical perfumery based in Johannesburg, South Africa. In today’s context, the notion of botanical perfume flows from ancient tradition, and in this way, age-old literature and tales of voyages inspire our work. The anthropology of scent and rituals of different cultures from around the world provides constant insights and an understanding of natural botanical practices. As far as possible, we source our botanical ingredients from small-scale farmers and artisanal distillers across the African continent. There are a few botanical ingredients that only grow in their native soil, and we source these from their respective lands in favour of their authenticity. We stand by the principle that all living entities involved in the production of our perfumes, whether human or botanical, be treated with kindness. Every bottle of perfume is crafted by hand, from the sowing, cultivation and harvest of the ingredients to the blending, filling and packaging.

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Before the destination, there is the path… the dream of arrival… A transcendent and personal exploration. A getaway, real or fanciful, each new creation is a skin-thin voyage reminiscent of something familiar even as it brings us into a new virgin land. An expedition through magnified matter, a pilgrimage to a land of sublimated memory or wandering through a dreamscape, anything is possible as long as your imagination is free and the trail carries you. Created in complete freedom, these perfumes invite us to see new horizons and to re-enchant life with poetry, daring and whim. They offer us an immobile voyage through time and through space, over past and future, into dream and reality, between body and soul. In this ultimate change of scenery, they dare us to pass through the looking glass and travel through our inner worlds, unlock our subconscious, our desires, the lost paradises of childhood, and rediscover the source of our inspiration.

more. www.rawness.it

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