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London 001
Image courtesy of ITSLIQUID Group | ArtFix

London | November 04 – 25, 2021

ITSLIQUID Group, in collaboration with YMX Arts, is delighted to share the great success of the opening of ALCHEMIC BODY 2021, which took place in London, at ArtFix from November 04 to November 25, 2021, counting the participation of 30 artists, coming from more than 15 different countries.

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ALCHEMIC BODY | FIRE . AIR . WATER . EARTH 2021 is an exhibition of contemporary art focused on the concept of transformation, starting from the alchemical processes, that aim to purify the nature elements: earth, air, water and fire. The alchemists, recognized as the ancestors of modern chemists, worked to discover the way the world is made and to modify its structure. The mysterious practise of alchemy always influenced art and artists from all the centuries. Alchemists and artists are fascinated by the concept of transformation and they both work to discover and create new possible worlds.

The human body is a changing system that connects us with other bodies and spaces to perceive the surrounding reality; a strong communication system with its own language and infinite ways of expression.

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Image courtesy of ITSLIQUID Group | ArtFix

Audrey Beharie-McGee, a British self-taught artist currently located in the USA, is very curious about transformation processes, and for this reason, she explores new forms of expression by blending her two main passions: painting and photography. Through this particular technique, she can mix her different personalities to soar the imagination and make it run free. The principle aim of Bernard Pineau is to show that painting offers everyone the possibility of multiple interpretations and layering because the painters put on the canvas what they need to express. Pineau, in particular, tries to express a sense of the sacred that is simple, intimate, accessible, personal. Not a sacred monumental or imposing as in previous eras, but a sacred human, present in all of us: one of the expressions of our consciousness.

London 004
Image courtesy of ITSLIQUID Group | ArtFix

Pascal Raso once again participated in one of our events, exhibiting his “Dancers” photo series focused on the human body and its movements. For his former sports career, the artist has always been attracted by this theme and he sees bodies as hostile powerful tools that can also be places of personal sovereignty, which in time becomes a privileged field of exploration, reflection and games. The British-born Joel Douek, who lives and works in Los Angeles now, mainly works on the themes of change and impermanence with his creations made of raw metals, woods, and a variety of oxidation techniques. His artworks are strongly connected with the idea of alchemical elements and their relationships inside the matter.

London 005
Image courtesy of ITSLIQUID Group | ArtFix

During this exhibition, we have also the opportunity to see a rich video screening selection. Dell’Aversana & Varavallo presented their video “SOSpeso #1” which is all about human vulnerability, with a deep analysis on balance, weight and time, three elements that have always to be measured with attention and perseverance. Nandan He’s animated video talks about the rawness of a contemporary Self and reveals an irrational order of a hyper normalized wonderland. Toni Simò and Jesùs Segura participated with two works that analyze the usual but seen from different points of view. Toni Simò inserted several symbolic signs to reflect about the issues of postcolonial context on tourism, spatial planning and spatial symbolic architecture in the multicultural and global resort city of Benidorm (Spain). Jesùs Segura delves into a vision of the everyday where the ordinary turns into extraordinary and becomes an event producing a space-time alteration in which flows the ‘estrangement’ and the ‘self-questioning’. Matilda Hallander delighted and at the same time question us with an alienating video piece that tries to highlight the lines we have drawn between the natural and the artificial. Where should the borderline between humans and cyborgs be drawn, if at all?

London 006
Image courtesy of ITSLIQUID Group | ArtFix

Monica Aguilar participated with the video “Dimensiones”, an audiovisual journey about the return to balance and the unification of opposites, that explores the evolution of spaces, vibration, sound, movement, and energy of which we are all part. “Space Place” by Roni Ben-Ari, Israelian video maker, showed us the unusual experience of two dancers dancing intimately in a zoo: they wanted to get away from the theatre apparatus where the audience watches them from a distance, they wanted to change the prospects, and for this, they chose to get as close as possible in an unusual environment, creating a sense of disorientation. Sharmaine Thérèsa Pretorius (SHARM.T. P)., from her side, presented a video story set in Japan, in which the five elements of Earth, Air, Wind, Fire and Water are the only way to the Truth. The work of Eduardo Duda Valente Villar Do Valle consists of a series of optical liquid abstractions; while Anne-Katrin Spiess surprised our eyes, in her video, by wearing a dress made from images of her freckled skin which camouflage with the desert earth: this place had imprinted itself on her, and made the link between nature and culture explicit, as alchemy states.

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Marcela Adasme . Switzerland | Monica Aguilar . Mexico | Audrey Beharie-McGee . UK/USA | Roni Ben-Ari . Israel | Francesca Calzolari . Italy | Simona Capitini . Italy | Lynn Creighton . USA | Dell’Aversana & Varavallo . Italy | Joel Douek . UK/USA | Margarita Felis . Russia | Peter Frigo . Austria | Matilda Hallander . Sweden | Nandan He . USA | Alice Kim | Moon Jeong Kim . South Korea | Lize Krüger . South Africa/UK | Ninon Lacoume . France | Kseniya Lia . Germany | Yuan Liu . China | Katrin Loy . Germany | Anna Michell . UK | Sarah Obracai . Germany | Marc Olthoff . The Netherlands | Bernard Pineau . France | Sharmaine Thérèsa Pretorius (SHARM.T. P). Bulgaria/Oman/South Africa | Pascal Raso . France | Jesús Segura . Spain | Toni Simó . Spain | Anne-Katrin Spiess . Switzerland/USA | Eduardo Duda Valente Villar Do Valle . Brazil

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Image courtesy of ITSLIQUID Group | ArtFix

organized by ITSLIQUID Group
curator Luca Curci
gallery manager Massimiliano Gordiani
project manager Giulia Tassi
project coordinators Amaride Ferrante, Veronica Piras, Giulia Spagnuolo
collaborators Michela Sperandio, Ilde Strobbe
graphic designer Marina Caracciolo
partner ArtFix

7 Durnford St, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 9BF
November 04 – 25, 2021
11:00AM – 06:00PM | Monday – Saturday
Free entry

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THE LINE Contemporary Art Space

artFix, located in the heart of Greenwich Market, is a one-stop platform cherishing art from conception to execution. artFix is the combination of a café, a co-working space, a learning centre and a popup venue. It is always on the look for aspiring and skilled artists to join and showcase their artwork. Being inside the vibrant Greenwich Market it showcases the best London and local designer-makers, interesting collectables and the food court in the market delivering mouth-watering food to go. This unique covered market with its vibrant atmosphere and commitment to showcasing designer-makers is fondly regarded as one of London’s best markets. The market has a cobbled stone floor, a statuesque portico at one end and the lanes leading into the market are very quaint.

Greenwich has excellent public transport connections and artFix is just 8 minutes from London Bridge train station and 20 minutes from Bank station via DLR. Visitors can choose from a variety of travel options including riverboat, Docklands Light Railway (DLR), train, tube, bus or even a cable car.

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