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Image courtesy of BBA Gallery

Rómulo Celdrán: “Digital Tenebrism”
BBA Gallery, Berlin
September 14 – November 12, 2022

BBA Gallery is pleased to present “Rómulo Celdrán: Digital Tenebrism“, the first solo exhibition of the exceptional Spanish artist in Berlin. With his latest series of hyper-realistic paintings “Digital Tenebrism” (2020-now) Celdrán explores the Baroque tradition. The Tenebrists are known for their dramatic chiaroscuro painting. Deeply impressed by the paintings of the seventeenth century, Celdrán creates scenes inspired by Caravaggio, Ribera and Zurbarán.

Image courtesy of BBA Gallery

Instead of candlelight, however, the scenes in Celdrán’s paintings are lit only by mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, which are checked by the figures in the darkness of their domestic surroundings. Where silence pervades the unlit areas, the theatrical darkness in “Digital Tenebrism” leaves room for the viewer’s own imagination. In the artist’s words, “The darkness was no longer scary for me. It becomes an intimate space for meditation and reflection.”

Image courtesy of BBA Gallery

Completing the exhibition are the latest hyper-realistic sculptures from the HI-RES body of works, a series of enlarged household gloves called SOLID. Using 3D computer modelling, HI-RES explores the relationships between the art object, which takes visible reality as a reference point, and the boundaries of veracity between observable reality, art and science. By simulating a household glove, SOLID’s verisimilitude erases the Platonic distinction between original and copy.

Image courtesy of BBA Gallery

Rómulo Celdrán (*1973, Spain) is an internationally recognised artist in the fields of painting, sculpture and drawing. He had his first exhibition at the age of 16 and managed to consolidate his career as a self-taught artist, with excellent execution and attention to detail. His high level of sophistication has led to his presence at leading fairs (SCOPE, ARCO, Art Cologne) and in important collections (Beth Rudin DeWoody Collection, Artium, CA2M, Museum Art Plus, Biblioteca Nacional).

Image courtesy of BBA Gallery

Since the groundbreaking exhibition ‘Realism: The Adventure of Reality’ at Kunsthalle München (2010), Celdrán has continued his negotiation with truthful visual representation. Earlier this year, Forbes magazine named Celdrán as one of eight Spanish artists whose work is currently rapidly increasing in value. Celdrán came to the attention of BBA Gallery through his participation in the Artist Prize founded by the gallery.

more. www.bba-gallery.com

Image courtesy of BBA Gallery

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