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Image of Courtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano

Salone del Mobile
Milan, Italy
April 18-23, 2023

The Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023 adopts a different guise, with a new general exhibition layout, illustrating the possible future evolution of the trade fair exhibition with Euroluce. With a focus on the quality of the proposals and the content, on the user-friendliness of the experience and the cultural and professionally enriching value of the event itself, the new edition of the Salone will play a pivotal role in the trade fair transformation, continuing to generate value for exhibiting companies and visitors alike.

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Image of Courtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano

The 61st edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano – at Rho Fiera Milano from 18th to 23rd April 2023 – promises to be brimming with new things and strongly geared to quality. The first thing to point out is the huge investment in resources and energy for Euroluce (Pavs. 9-11 and 13-15). The biennial devoted to lighting will boast a revolutionised exhibition layout, reworking the concept of proximity inherent in so many of Italy’s historic town centres, by creating an irregular, geometrically polygonal, fluid and free ring conceived by the studio Lombardini22, designed to optimise the user-friendliness of this great exhibition.

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Image of Courtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano

This new exhibition format is packed with interdisciplinary and experiential cultural content, ranging from architecture to art (exhibitions, talks, workshops, installations), curated by Beppe Finessi, alongside a number of young curators as well as special guests such as leading contemporary artists. Formafantasma will play a pivotal role, turning Euroluce into an ideal city inside the new layout, designing public spaces and special cameos, in a foretaste of the possible future evolution of the trade fair format itself.

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Image of Courtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano

Maria Porro, President of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, had this to say: “Thanks to teamwork, Euroluce will be transformed into a great visitor experience, with opportunities to find about and actually touch extremely high-quality products and to learn more about themes connected with the lighting world through a top-level cultural offering geared to buyers, professionals and the design community as a whole. We like to imagine it as a dialogue between architecture and design, a source of inspiration and enrichment for the visitor. From this perspective, it’s interesting that a number of companies specialising in technical products have accepted the challenge to take part in the Salone.”

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Image of Courtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano

This approach has extended from Euroluce to the trade fair as a whole, to some extent, involving rethinking the format from an innovative and contemporary perspective and coming up with appropriate and effective solutions and proposals to counter the challenges facing the trade fair scene. After listening carefully to all the exhibiting companies – some of which will be making a hugely enthusiastic return after a period of absence, and others that will be making their debut with equal confidence – the Salone will be making new support and visibility tools available through the Salone digital platform and the online services connected to it.

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Image of Courtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano

Equally, in-depth research has been carried out, involving more than 2,300 field interviews with visitors from all over the world, in a bid to ascertain how best to improve the trade fair experience and its accessibility. This has triggered a new vision for the upcoming edition of the Salone, which will be held on a single level at the fairgrounds, a decision that will enable us to optimise the visitor experience.

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Image of Courtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano

“Despite being beset by difficulties, the wood-furnishing chain is preparing to close 2022 12% up on 2021. FederlegnoArredo Study Centre Monitor surveys show that this is also reflected in the Furnishing Macro System results (with sales equivalent to 4.58 billion euros), which saw a 12.7% rise in the first nine months of 2022, with Italy seeing a 14.7% growth trend, while exports were up 11%. Estimates are that the Furnishing Macro System could close 2022 8.1% up. These results are highly satisfying for a sector that will also have an opportunity at the upcoming Salone del Mobile di Milano to present itself to emerging markets with a reworked formula shared with the participating companies, which will take shape with Euroluce. An experiment that testifies to the vitality of Made in Italy, as represented by our businesses, and which will be crucial for tackling what promises to be a very uncertain 2023,” said FederlegnoArredo president Claudio Feltrin.

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Image of Courtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano

Lastly, SaloneSatellite will be in a new but entirely natural location inside the Euroluce pavilions, given that it represents the future of design par excellence, and the 2023 edition will devote a particular focus to the Design Schools and Universities with the theme Design School: Building the (im)possible. Process, Progress, Practice. By putting the spotlight on them, SaloneSatellite wants to underscore the unforgettable contribution they have made and continue to make to the training of young designers and to the advancement of design.


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Image of Courtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano

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