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Image courtesy of Saskia Vis

Saskia Vis

Saskia Vis is a passionate digital illustrator with a deep-rooted love for art and design. She is a true idealist and believes it is important for her work to be accessible to a wide audience. By creating affordable prints of her work, many people can enjoy her art. Her hope is that this will stimulate the creative process for those who admire her work.

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Image courtesy of Saskia Vis

One of the advantages of digital illustrations is that they are scalable and adaptable, making them suitable for many different applications. It is a versatile art form that is becoming increasingly popular. Saskia creates her illustrations on the computer using drawing programs. This means she can work from home and easily share her work with the world. This gives her the freedom to express her creative vision in different ways and adapt her work to the needs of her clients.

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Image courtesy of Saskia Vis

It all began about fifteen years ago when Saskia Vis first started creating digital illustrations. She was immediately drawn to the medium because it gave her the opportunity to express her creativity in a way that felt like home to her. “I feel completely in my element when I’m drawing on my computer,” she says. She has always been interested in creating beautiful things. From a young age, she was already drawing and painting and studied art direction and graphic design. Later, she began experimenting with digital drawing programs, and that’s how her passion for digital illustrations began. The digital possibilities have now matured into a truly remarkable art form.

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Image courtesy of Saskia Vis

By printing her artwork on posters and prints, she can quickly and affordably offer her work to a wide audience. People can bring a piece of her artwork into their homes and enjoy it every day. It is very important for Saskia that people feel like they are part of her creative process and that they feel involved in her work. By working in this way, she can achieve this quickly and affordably. For many people, it is possible to hang a Saskia artwork on their wall.

In addition to posters, Saskia has now also focused on designing greeting cards. She offers these ready-made so that people can quickly and easily send a beautiful personal message. “It is important that people take a moment to write a personal message, greeting, or wish,” she says. Sending a handwritten card can mean much more than a quick digital message.

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Image courtesy of Saskia Vis

But for Saskia, it’s not just about selling her work. She also wants to inspire people to be creative. By making her art accessible, she hopes to inspire people to be creative themselves. Creating art can have a therapeutic effect and can help people relax and express themselves. From this perspective, three books have been created in which you can experiment with color yourself.

Saskia’s work always has multiple layers. You can love it and take it as it is, but you can also discover something new in it to interpret it in a different way. Her illustrations are often colorful and playful, but can also have a deeper meaning. Saskia believes it is important that her work inspires people and gives them new insights.

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Image courtesy of Saskia Vis

As a digital illustrator, Saskia has the freedom to distribute her work in various ways and make it accessible to a broad audience. But it is her passion and dedication that make her work truly impactful. Whether it’s a simple greeting card or an extensive project like decorating a space, Saskia always manages to touch and inspire. And that’s ultimately what it’s all about sharing beauty and positivity with others and making the world a little bit more beautiful.

Another important aspect of Saskia’s work is the message behind it. She tries to use her artwork to convey a positive message. Her work often contains themes such as nature, form play, aesthetics, love for colors, or freedom, and she hopes that her artwork can help people approach their lives in a more positive way. And that it can help them to further develop their own creativity.

Saskia’s work is not only accessible to individuals but also to companies and organizations looking for a unique and creative way to convey their message. Her illustrations can, for example, be used as decoration or as part of a campaign and marketing material.

If you’re looking for beautiful digital illustrations, Saskia’s work is definitely worth checking out!


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Image courtesy of Saskia Vis

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