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Serap Sabah – Winner of THE WORLD – Faces . Places . Spaces

Art | March 28, 2014 |

Serap SabahSerap Sabah, Blue Umbrella. Image courtesy of Serap Sabah

Serap Sabah – Winner of THE WORLD – Faces . Places . Spaces

Serap Sabah was born in Kayseri, Turkey. She graduated from Hacettepe University, where she majored in Statistics. Her main passion is photography. She loves to travel, preferably to places that tourists either don’t know about or actively avoid. She describes herself as a life traveller and a street photographer because she loves seize and capture “those moments,” the ones that reflect real life. 

008Serap Sabah, Joy. Image courtesy of Serap Sabah

Starting in her childhood, she has created illustrations, charcoal drawings, and watercolour paintings. Innovative new technologies interest her. Nowadays, uses her photographs to illustrate and share how she sees the world, its peoples, its cultures, its animals, in a word, life.

003Serap Sabah, Hide and Joy. Image courtesy of Serap Sabah

She constantly uses her skills for motivation, for creativity, and to communicate with people. She has created illustrations of more than 200 people, and designed various posters, logos, banners, magazine covers, café menus, and cards. She still prefers to express herself through drawings and illustrations in presentations, trainings, and storyboards.

Serap SabahImage courtesy of Serap Sabah

Regarding Cinnamon Boy, Serap Sabah told about a journey when she was driving on a very narrow road to the ethnic villages in high mountains near the Chinese border with northern Vietnam. The scenery was magnificent. She stopped the vehicle and photographed that impressive landscape and then she was immediately greeted by the resounding voices of shouting, excited children.

Serap SabahSerap Sabah, Cinnamon Boy. Image courtesy of Serap Sabah

Then she realized that six children, small and big, were coming down from the rocks and among bushes. They were all from the village in the area. Goggle-eyed and muddy-faced, the tools in their hands indicated that they worked in the fields. There was a boy whose eyes and hair were a cinnamon colour who she immediately named a “Cinnamon Boy”. His hair colour and height were different from those of the other children.


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