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Fashion | July 6, 2021 |

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Every day is a Friday. Back in 2012, driven by this motto, Daniel Niederer founded SEVENFRIDAY. Headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, SEVENFRIDAY represents a life attitude, a lifestyle brand creating watches and eyewear with unique and iconic designs. 

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The SEVENFRIDAY name captures exactly what the whole lifestyle is about – by having fun, enjoying life and living everyday as if it’s a Friday. The designs are not short of the odd quirk here and there and wouldn’t look out of place in a standoff between Mad Max and Burning Man festival-goers, but this has been the whole point, to create something independent of influence, to sit happily on its own and away from a particular industry.

SEVENFRIDAY follows the belief that a product can be qualitative and aesthetically top of the range but with an affordable price! Luxury isn’t depending on price point.

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“At SEVENFRIDAY, we don’t follow any rules or any trend. We want to create alternatives, we want to be free to believe in our convictions and dreams. This freedom is one of our greatest assets and is always at the forefront of our vision”, said Daniel Niederer.

“Evolving and always challenging ourselves is important, it’s what keeps the passion burning. Of course, we have products that are favourites, such as the M2 and the first P-Series, but our market is so vast and varied that we have a duty to be as creative and as diverse with what we put out there,” Dan concludes.

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Always a few steps ahead of the game, SEVENFRIDAY jumped on Instagram in 2012 to be one of the first watch brands at the forefront of using technology and social platforms to connect with its community. Today, the SEVENFRIDAY eco-system consists of a mixture of tools and channels, online and offline to connect and share with fans and friends of the brand, with the key player in this hub being the SEVENFRIDAY APP.

Since 2015, SEVENFRIDAY has been using NFC (Near Field Communication) chips to authenticate its products, firstly watches and now more recently also its eyewear. The SEVENFRIDAY App allows individuals to engage and connect directly with the brand via different features, such as the News Feed, an extension of warranty, and exclusive offers. On top of that, we are past the times of worrying about whether a product is authentic and looking up the nearest store to get it verified…. thanks to the SEVENFRIDAY App, we can do all that from home! 

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This online and offline interaction also motivated SEVENFRIDAY to develop a new gastro-boutique concept and to open the first SEVENFRIDAY Space, in Jakarta in 2016. Imagine a place with a design worthy of the front cover of architectural digest but with a homelike familiar feeling. Where like-minded people can have quality time with people they like, whether for coffee, food, concerts etc… If you visit one of the 25 SEVENFRIDAY Spaces worldwide, for a concert or discover new products around drinks, you will feel comfortable and connected with the brand.

Emotional instead of rational, action instead words, creativity and criticism instead of unquestioned standards…this is the SEVENFRIDAY mindset and “SHOW ME DON’T TELL ME” the motto!


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