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Image courtesy of Objective Gallery

Objective Gallery, New York, NY
August 25 – October 07, 2022

Sexy is a collective group show of design and art. This show is curated by Eny Lee Parker, revealing a group of fun and functional works. Objective Gallery invites you to join and explore what you think is desirable, shapely, and sexy.

Image courtesy of Objective Gallery

A-G STUDIO (ANDRES GUTIERREZ): Created in 2012 by Andres Gutierrez, A-G is a commercial and residential interior design studio located in CDMX with a clear objective, to design interiors as a means of expression under an alternative, contemporary and authentic perspective. Each A-G project is characterized by being part of global design trends, which respond to the needs of today’s society, and always exalt Mexican history and culture as part of its seal. Each conceptual project by Andrés is born from research and is enriched with the personal history of his clients and those involved, managing to tell stories through the interiors, but above all to achieve a sensory and sentimental connection between the user and the space. A-G studio has been published in various major media both locally and internationally. He has also been recognized with several awards, such as La Bienal de Arquitectura Mexicana, IIDDA Best Interiors of Latin America and the Caribbean, Best Of Year from Interior Design magazine, among others.

Image courtesy of Objective Gallery

ANUAR MAAUAD: Mexican artist Anuar Maauad is the founder of Casa Maauad, the artist-run residency program in Mexico City, which was founded in 2010. Casa Maaud has hosted more than 60 national and international artists, curators and critics from all disciplines to develop contemporary art production by focusing on nurturing solid relationships between guest artists and the local scene. Maauad has shown his own sculpture-based works in a number of exhibitions including Efrain Lopez Gallery, Chicago, IL, Polyforum Siqueiros, Ciudad de México, México, Museo De Arte Sonora, Hermosillo, Sonora, Galería Emma Molina, Monterrey, México, and Casa Maauad, Ciudad de México, México. Maauad has an upcoming exhibit at Museo de arte de Zapopan, organized by Pablo Leon de la Barra, in Zapopan, México.

Image courtesy of Objective Gallery

CCKW: Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Inc. (CCKW) is a design studio that explores materials and new ways to use them. Chen Chen and Kai Williams met while studying industrial design at the Pratt Institute and founded the company in New York City in 2011. The studio creates a wide range of products from hand-made one-off and limited production collectable works to manufacturing speciality home goods carried by retailers around the world. Chen Chen was born in 1985 in Shanghai, China and grew up in the US and Canada. Kai Williams was born in 1984 in New York City. CHUCH ESTUDIO: it’s an emerging design studio whose workspace is also its store. In a gently restored house in downtown Merida, prototypes and finished products coexist with artisans putting the finishing touches on pieces with happy clients and the occasional lazy pet wandering through the garden and rooms filled with objects. Delicious local produce and the occasional delicacy with an international flair are freely arranged throughout the space. There are flavours, shapes, colors and textures that you recognize but with the freshness and quality of a Mexican context rich in materials that Natalia, Aranza and Lorena put to the test to mix fearlessly and deliver a cocktail of unique, sensitive and irreverent design that you will want to have on your table, in your house or in your backyard. Chuch establishes healthy relationships with artisans to give a juicy twist to the rules and bring the joyful and every day back to the objects they produce.

Image courtesy of Objective Gallery

DINA NUR SATTI: Dina Nur Satti is a Brooklyn-based ceramic artist originally from Sudan and Somalia. She was raised in France and Kenya and has called NYC home for 16 years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International & Intercultural Studies with a focus on the cultures of Africa and the Middle East. Her pursuit of ceramics was born out of her studies in African art and pre-colonial African societies, and an interest in learning how ritual objects and spatial design elevate experiences. She often travels throughout Africa from Morocco to Ethiopia to meet with communities upholding ancient methods of craft, and to research the use of objects in ceremonial traditions. Dina connected to clay as a medium not only because of a passion for design and ceramics. Ceramics is a vessel, a container through which she explores ideas of personal purpose and growth, as well as our collective transitions, cultural storytelling, and communal rituals.

Image courtesy of Objective Gallery

COLLINA STRADA: Hillary Taymour is a sustainable fashion designer based in New York running one of the most press-worthy emerging brands at NYFW. Collina Strada’s mission is to empower humans through design, encourage personal growth and produce clothing for people who are ready to take action. Founded in 2008, Collina Strada isn’t just a fashion label, it’s also a platform for social issues and awareness. Taymour’s main concern is staying true to her craft, and staying on course to becoming a fully sustainable and radically transparent brand in the near future. Based and manufactured in New York, the brand’s cult status core pieces transcend trends. Taymour’s designs are imbued with a fearlessly fluid attitude, re-inventing classics and unexpected details. Collina Strada embodies humour and youth. The brand DNA is now firmly cemented in the ability to look inward, even when we’re loud and expressive on the outside. DONG-PING WONG: Dong-Ping Wong is the Founding Director of Food New York, a design firm based in New York City. The studio focuses on designing environments, from ground-up structures to renovations to landscapes, all with the intent of transforming how people relate to the context, culture and resources around them. Ongoing projects include the 19,000sf New York headquarters for a Hong Kong-based media company, a garden in the Cayman Islands, and + POOL, the world’s first floating, water-filtering pool.

Image courtesy of Objective Gallery

EMMA G. BOOMKAMP: Mexico City-based artist Emma Gavaldon van Leeuwen Boomkamp credits her nomadic upbringing as a primary influence for her designs and collaborations with local artisans involving everything from intricate macrame artworks to handwoven natural-dyed wall hangings and area rugs. “I really believe that in some ways my biggest design influences have been my ever-changing environments as a child, growing up between Holland and Mexico,” says the Dutch-Mexican designer. Now residing in the La Condesa neighbourhood lined with Art Deco architecture, she remains thoroughly inspired by the colors, textures and earthiness of her Mexico City surroundings. GUSTAVO BARROSO: Gustavo Barroso emigrated from Brazil to the United States with his parents and brother in 1999. In 2019, he graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a BFA in Industrial Design. Days before graduation, Gustavo opened his first solo exhibition Foundation in New York City.

Image courtesy of Objective Gallery

JINYEONG YEON: YEON Jinyeong (b.1993) presents sculptures shaped like tables, chairs, lighting, and basketball rims made from discarded industrial parts such as aluminium pipes. YEON, who majored in furniture design, starts by working engineering machinery and waste material into designed furniture, which is then elevated into a sculptural work of art. By disregarding the conventional roles of various materials such as puffer jackets, steel shelving, ducts, and tents, the artist reinterprets the physical properties and gives new value to said materials. The same methodology is applied to the works in this exhibition. The beauty of this process is that it presents the possibility of not only discovering a new interpretation but also rediscovering the previously assigned meaning of materiality. “Padded chair series” made by prototypes of padding that have no problem with use as padding, small defective products such as padding or defective zipper, and products that became stocked after the season. Padding that is not defective is not used because it is in stock and is discarded. Jinyeong hopes that such padding will be redesigned and recombined as a furniture object to give another function and value to talk about sustainability. Padding is directly connected to the environment, including clothes. In the case of abnormal climate, warming, and feathers, many animal sacrifices are gained. He thinks there are a lot of environmental problems that can be considered through padding. While making a padding chair series, it will be fun to feel used to padding when it becomes furniture, while also feeling awkward through pockets and inconsistent patterns.

Image courtesy of Objective Gallery

LOVE HOUSE: Love House is an eclectic design showroom, featuring a curated roster of both up-and-coming and established contemporary designers from around the world. Launched in late 2018, Love House quickly became a go-to destination for interior designers and collectors alike. Expanding to a new location in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighbourhood, with a focus on what Elle Decor described as “contemporary, collectible, and cool“, Love House showcases highly customizable made-to-order works alongside limited edition and one-of-a-kind pieces. Additionally, Love House offers custom fabrication and design services, working with clients to create pieces tailored specifically to their space. Founders and longtime friends, Jared Heinrich and Aric Yeakey, possess strong backgrounds in the visual arts, with an acute ability to curate unique objects and transform spaces. A hobby-turned-career, the duo have evolved their love of collecting personal pieces to sharing their keen eye with the design community. Love House is located at 214 Sullivan Street, 2D, New York, NY, 10012. MINJAE KIM: Minjae Kim is a Korean artist working in New York with a background in architecture and furniture design. His practice in furniture & objects acts as an antithesis to the restriction in architectural practice in time, scale, and accessibility. The results are simple, quirky, imperfect, incohesive, impractical, irrational and often emotional one-liners revolving around an idea.

Image courtesy of Objective Gallery

NICHOLAS DEVLIN: Nicholas Devlin is a sculptor making functional art in Brooklyn, New York. His work explores ideas of ‘home‘ and domesticity from an experimental perspective that aims to play with and provoke your senses and subconscious, our shared cultural nostalgia, and imagined futures. His work has been featured in Sight Unseen, Clever, Architectural Digest, Design Miami, Domino, Surface, Hypebeast, Grazia, and more. He has exhibited work at Superhouse Gallery in their Supergroup 2 show and the Supergroup 2.5 Show with The Attico, at the MELT show with Adorno and HNH Gallery, and at IRL Gallery in their Remember to Keep Looking show. Nicholas’ work uses kitsch and campy elements in contemporary sculpture with the goal of bringing an eccentric sense of play into one’s home. His pieces are usually brightly colored with an ultra shine that looks slick to the touch. These range from surreal melting splatter mirrors to shiny tubular furniture with anthropomorphic qualities, and he has more recently been exploring spatial motifs of architecture, scale, and folklore. He is currently working on some exciting new projects with more updates coming soon! Before starting his own practice in 2021, He worked in architecture and has an educational background in architecture and psychology. He received his Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Studies from the University of Cambridge in 2019 where he was able to research the meanings of home, domestic landscapes, and residential housing. OTHERSIDE OBJECTS: Otherside Objects is a design practice focused on furniture and objects hand-crafted by Sam Klemick. Her work combines new materials with discarded furniture and deadstock fabrics to reimagine traditional forms. Born in Miami and based in Los Angeles, Sam’s approach to woodworking is informed by her career in fashion design.

Image courtesy of Objective Gallery

PLAYLAB, INC: PLAYLAB, INC. is an extremely multi-disciplinary Los Angeles-based creative studio founded in 2009 by Archie Lee Coates IV and Jeff Franklin. With no particular focus, we explore themes using art, architecture, and graphic design to initiate ideas for ourselves and others. PlayLab, Inc. is: Archie Lee Coates IV, Jeff Franklin, Dillon Kogle, Ana Cecilia Thompson Motta, Justin Kim, Kylie McMahon, Jacob Lemon, Brett Su, and Benjamin Puffer. STUDIO POA: Giovanni Valdeavellano‘s work as Studio POA represents a merger, in several ways, of disparate sides of his background – his childhood learning crafts from his mother and engineering from his father, his career spent working as a contractor with an art practice on the side, and his dual identities as a Guatemalan living in New York. The pieces in his new collection similarly hover between the gestural qualities of art, the technology of 3-D rendering, and the craft of sculpting materials like ceramic, glass, wood, and sand by hand. SOREN FERGUSON: b. 1999 Desinger. He’s worked for Vonnegut/Kraft, Misha Kahn, Eny Lee Parker, Grain, and more.


Image courtesy of Objective Gallery
Image courtesy of Objective Gallery

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