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Sichterman Yachts reveals interior renders

Design | November 20, 2020 |

Sichterman Yachts 001
Image courtesy of Sichterman Yachts

Sichterman Yachts reveals interior renders for its fleet. Reducing the construction time for a yacht up to six months
July 03, 2019

Sichterman not only sets itself apart with its exterior aesthetics and technological innovations. With the mounting cost of furnishing and styling luxury yachts, Sichterman decided to disrupt the interior process as well. The Dutch boutique yacht builder has set up an interior program, which makes it possible to build yachts considerably faster than its competitors at a set price. Sichterman CEO Bart Rehe states, “We often see that prices of yachts from our competitors rise significantly once clients start furnishing their newly acquired yacht. In collaboration with Cor D. Rover we created three detailed interior variations from which clients can select their preferred choice. Compare it with the design of a masterpiece. We deliver an artwork, but leave it to our customer to color it. For a fixed price, so no additional costs”.

Sichterman Yachts 002
Image courtesy of Sichterman Yachts

Cor D. Rover, responsible for the interior design, states: “Our job was to create three different styles, so that every customer can select a perfect fit. The common denominator of these designs is a homely and comfortable feel, without being busy or old-fashioned. This resulted in 3 types of interior styles, which are contemporary but also warm and inviting”. The following styles can be implemented in the Sichterman fleet: Sporty Elegance, elegant lines flow into dynamic details, borrowed from the world of classy sports cars. The interior presents a fresh and inviting Mediterranean style, characterized by simple and romantic aesthetics of Southern European countries.

Sichterman Yachts 003
Image courtesy of Sichterman Yachts

Fantastic Eclectic, an exciting fusion of glamour and beauty, artistically decorated to create an exclusive experience. The perfect style for a home away from home. It provides a balance between classic and contemporary design. This results in a warm and delicate interior style. Comfortable Lounging, a warm, harmonious and inviting style, which allows you to feel at home. This interior variation uses simple forms and strong lines that are equal parts modern and cozy. The classic combinations are elevated with texture variations, to create a narrative that immediately catches the viewer’s attention.

Sichterman Yachts 004
Image courtesy of Sichterman Yachts

Within these styles, the client can choose from a selection of fabrics and materials, to create a unique and personal yacht. This ensures that every yacht caters to the needs and wishes of its owners. Unlike other yacht builders, the interior of the boat can be built simultaneously with the development of the aluminum casco, by using mock-ups of the entire ship. As a result, Sichterman is able to reduce the construction time for a yacht up to 6 months compared to its competitors, guaranteeing the delivery of a yacht within 7 months. Everything on the inside of the yacht is built by hand by a dedicated team of various craftsmen. For clients who wish to have their Sichterman tailor-made, a bespoke option is possible, in consultation.


Sichterman Yachts 005
Image courtesy of Sichterman Yachts
Sichterman Yachts 006
Image courtesy of Sichterman Yachts
Sichterman Yachts 007
Image courtesy of Sichterman Yachts
Sichterman Yachts 008
Image courtesy of Sichterman Yachts
Sichterman Yachts 009
Image courtesy of Sichterman Yachts
Sichterman Yachts 010
Image courtesy of Sichterman Yachts
Sichterman Yachts 011
Image courtesy of Sichterman Yachts
Sichterman Yachts 012
Image courtesy of Sichterman Yachts
Sichterman Yachts 013
Image courtesy of Sichterman Yachts

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