Fashion | December 9, 2021 |

Sol Sol Ito 02
Image courtesy of Hans Hansen and SOL SOL ITO

Zurich, Switerland

Glasses set fashion accents, show character, express feelings. That’s why every pair of SOL SOL ITO glasses is almost as unique as the person wearing them. You can find SOL SOL ITO glasses all over the world and of course in Switzerland – but only from the finest opticians. Precision and perfection are the heart of the brand, beginning with the design and ending with the retailer.

Sol Sol Ito 01
Image courtesy of Hans Hansen and SOL SOL ITO

Each collection is limited to 100 pieces and exudes urban sophistication. What makes SOL SOL ITO truly unique is the interchangeable filigree temples – these are made of steel and connect to the frame via a screw-free, plug-in system. The frames are made of hand-polished acetate, a natural cellulose-based product highly prized since the Bauhaus era, offering almost unlimited options in terms of style, shape and color.


Sol Sol Ito 03
Image courtesy of Hans Hansen and SOL SOL ITO
Sol Sol Ito 05
Image courtesy of Hans Hansen and SOL SOL ITO
Sol Sol Ito 04
Image courtesy of Hans Hansen and SOL SOL ITO
Sol Sol Ito 06
Image courtesy of Cyrill Matter and SOL SOL ITO

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