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Architecture | January 6, 2022 |

Image courtesy of Crossboundaries

Songzhuang Community Park by Crossboundaries
Location: Beijing, China
Status: Completed

The park is created to suit the site environment with a proper choice of material and plantation, combined with carefully designed spatial configuration, sequence, and atmosphere. Songzhuang, a local village in Beijing’s Eastern suburbs, became famous for its art community in early 2000. At the same time, urban migration of younger people resulted in an increasingly aging village population left in charge to look after the youngest, combined with local art visitors, each with their own needs for and within public spaces.

Songzhuang Communıty Park Beijing 011 1
Image courtesy of Crossboundaries

Understanding the challenge of offering versatile and inclusive communal facilities, the Songzhuang government has commissioned Crossboundaries to regenerate a linear streetscape adjacent to a parking lot, close to the Xiaopu Cultural Plaza, into a lively outdoor community park.

Songzhuang Communıty Park Beijing 002
Image courtesy of Crossboundaries

The L-shaped plot features a series of outdoor ‘rooms’ – spaces, whose designs trigger but not limit certain uses – along a linear loop track, a connecting element meandering between street side pavement to an extending park. These rooms offer different levels of enclosure and boundary following a sequence.


Songzhuang Communıty Park Beijing 001
Image courtesy of Crossboundaries
Songzhuang Communıty Park Beijing 012
Image courtesy of Crossboundaries

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