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spiral garden system

Architecture | October 7, 2010 |

‘Spiral garden system’ by Benet and Saida Dalmau, Anna Julibert and Carmen Vilar – Spain

The light mesh structure is a spiraling green space which provides a place for urban gardening, encourages social interaction between neighbours and serves as a place to lock up your bike.

Designers’ own words:
‘We wanted to build a new environmentally-friendly town where the environment is considered as an important part of everyday life. we propose ‘spiral garden system’: a public sustainable place like a green heart, easy to maintain and self-sufficient, created by a joint population that will stimulate social interaction among neighbours. A light, spiral structure protected by a transparent and suggestive mesh, the project encourages the city to create sustainable exchange spaces in different ways. this spiral contains an ascending garden where native vegetation can coexist with urban orchards, shared and planted for the neighbours for easy maintenance and serving also as a green outdoor walk. ‘spiral garden system’ increases social interaction between people, provides a place for exchanging natural products, and becomes a way for local residents to get involved with their neighbourhood. to sum up, we propose an ecological project in a way to give sustainable change to daily city lives, where humans and nature can coexist.’

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