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stolen glances

Art | July 12, 2006 |

Stolen Glances
Portraits by Carola Syz Sarzi-Amadè

Dates: July 20-31, 2006

Location: Pevero Golf Club, Porto Cervo – Italy


Carola Syz Sarzi-Amadè exhibits «Sguardi clandestini» (“Stolen Glances”) at the Pevero Golf Club in Porto Cervo, a selection of black and white images printed on aluminium.

Through these pictures, the London-based photographer pays tribute to femininity. All the pictures were taken in real settings, but they feature a surreal atmosphere obtained through a specific composition of the image, enhanced by means of solarization (obtained digitally by Carola), a process invented accidentally by Man Ray in the darkroom, and used by this master of surrealism to add effective plasticity to the image.

Carola’s inspiration comes from lights and shadows and reflecting surfaces, which led her to experiment with unusual materials rather than photographic paper. Aluminium is used in this case by the photographer to accentuate the picture’s “glow”, and to stimulate the interest of the observer. Due to the reflecting qualities of the pictures, spectators can see their own reflection in the photographs, entering and becoming a part of the mysterious and dreamlike setting in which girls dress up, or playfully hide behind Venetian masks, veils and laces. A deeper, meaningful world lies beneath, recalling Schnitzler-figurines laden with secrets and desires.

Aesthetics and the composition of the image are essential to Carola. In certain cases her lens focuses on a single detail with a tendency towards abstraction (in the pictures portraying parts of the body), in others she obtains a picture of the woman “in feathers and corset”, Newton-style, a self-assured woman flaunting her image. Once again, in works portraying a dancer in her vaulting and contortions, tricks of light and shadow – enhanced as far as possible by means of digital solarization – create a fantasy and surreal world, bestowing extremely plastic qualities on the bodies. And the urban landscape of London, seen in the background of several pictures, helps in increasing this feeling.

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