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Image courtesy of Julien Seyer

Studio Super Sunday
Furniture made in Montreal, for cozy Sundays

Studio Super Sunday is a multidisciplinary design studio exploring the conceptualization of objects, spaces, and architecture. Workshop fabrication is at the core of the studio’s practice and allows for complete control over the quality and artistic direction of each project. This ability to work in a workhop also allows for innovation in fabrication methods by subverting traditional methods and exploring different materialities.

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Image courtesy of Julien Seyer

Founded by Canadian designer Vincent Le Sauteur, the studio’s goal is to create projects related to dwelling, comfort, and bridging different design practices. Always eager to collaborate on new projects, Super Sunday works in residential, commercial, and institutional fields.

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Image courtesy of Julien Seyer

Studio Super Sunday is a design and manufacturing studio for furniture and household items. Located in the heart of Montreal, our workshop is where each piece is made with meticulous attention to detail. We strive not only to create aesthetically pleasing and well-constructed products but also to reduce our environmental footprint. This is why we favor the use of high-quality materials sourced locally. By supporting local suppliers, we contribute to the sustainability of our community while providing our customers with sustainable products. Every piece we design is carefully thought to stand the test of time.

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Image courtesy of Julien Seyer

Layout is inspired by the slab and column system used in architecture in dense constructions. The collection uses this constructive language in its structure and unfolds like a grid to form everyday furniture. The collection is made from white ash sourced locally in the Québec province. This wood is textured to the touch and features a wide contrasting grain. A matte water-based varnish is applied to provide long-lasting protection in any interior environment.

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Image courtesy of Julien Seyer

Like a grid, LAYOUT aims to be simple and adaptable to meet the different storage needs of a home. Its structural nature allows for the customization of dimensions to fit the space it will reside in. The formal flexibility is inspired by the concrete slab and column construction system used in architecture.


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Image courtesy of Julien Seyer
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Image courtesy of Julien Seyer
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Image courtesy of Julien Seyer
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Image courtesy of Julien Seyer

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