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Suncheon Art Platform by Gilles Retsin Architecture

Architecture | July 13, 2016 |

Suncheon Art Platform by Gilles Retsin ArchitectureImage courtesy of Gilles Retsin Architecture

Suncheon Art Platform by Gilles Retsin Architecture

Gilles Retsin Architecture unveiled its entry for the Suncheon Art Platform competition, an arts center formed by a low, horizontal structure that frames a series of courtyards and squares in Suncheon, Korea. Composed of laminated veneer lumber sections that form 278 stiff hollow elements, the architecture takes cue from traditional korean styles.


Suncheon Art Platform by Gilles Retsin ArchitectureImage courtesy of Gilles Retsin Architecture


Retsin’s plan incorporates four main public spaces: a central courtyard, sculpture garden, green space, and entrance plaza – each of which is intended to connect and nurture the various programs surrounding it. Collectively, they form an expansive public place with intent to regenerate Suncheon’s old-town. A long path winds through the various programs, acting as connector and framing views towards artistic interventions.


Suncheon Art Platform by Gilles Retsin ArchitectureImage courtesy of Gilles Retsin Architecture


The architects explained that “overall, the design will consist of blocks which are initially structurally weak but gain strength through redundant combination.” This system is a technologically advanced construction method based on Laminated Veneer Lumber  (LVL), a method of prefabricating stiff hollow tubes in straight or L-shaped pieces. The hollow insides of these tubes can then be utilized for HVAC installations, services, and museum lighting.



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