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TCS Tkachuk Cork Style

Fashion | March 29, 2018 |

tcs-tkachuk-cork-style_01Image courtesy of Design studio wine Cork art

TCS Tkachuk Cork Style

Your attention is drawn to a presentation of an exclusive direction in modern art. That is to say the authorís handmade eco-bags and clutches made from wine corks.


tcs-tkachuk-cork-style_02Image courtesy of Design studio wine Cork art


The bags are temperature-resistant, waterproof and made from organic materials. Moreover the bags are comfortable, lightweight, durable and the most important thing is that they do not have analogs.


tcs-tkachuk-cork-style_03Image courtesy of Design studio wine Cork art


Sergei Tkachuk, the author and Cork art designer. Ukraine, Kiev.

“I have been working in this field for more than 7 years. I do anything from traffic jams. Bags, clutches, bow tie, paintings, dresses, installations…”


tcs-tkachuk-cork-style_04Image courtesy of Design studio wine Cork art


tcs-tkachuk-cork-style_05Image courtesy of Design studio wine Cork art


tcs-tkachuk-cork-style_06Image courtesy of Design studio wine Cork art


tcs-tkachuk-cork-style_07Image courtesy of Design studio wine Cork art


tcs-tkachuk-cork-style_08Image courtesy of Design studio wine Cork art



tcs-tkachuk-cork-style_09Image courtesy of Design studio wine Cork art


tcs-tkachuk-cork-style_010Image courtesy of Design studio wine Cork art


tcs-tkachuk-cork-style_011Image courtesy of Design studio wine Cork art


tcs-tkachuk-cork-style_012Image courtesy of Design studio wine Cork art



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