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Events | September 15, 2006 |

Temporary Cities – Moscow, Russia . September 22 – November 30, 2006
International ArtExpo Collection

Ministry of Culture and Mass Media of the Russian Federation
Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography
National Center for Contemporary arts

Video-Cinema . director Karina Karaeva
This programme focuses on the popularisation of contemporary intellectual cinema and video art. The intention of the programme is to give a free-form interpretation of universal problems of culture in a visual context. This programme consists of screenings of the most famous and radical film productions and videos, presentations of actual cinema projects, working materials, authors’ comments and examples of experimental cinematography.

Temporary.Cities . director Luca Curci
A new event organized by International ArtExpo Group is another occasion for the public to share with international artists the major questions of the avant-garde thinking\art. This festival is a multimedia story on TEMPORARY CITIES with temporary workers&lovers with temporary identities&dreams.
The possible emergence of the temporary cities in the future will be based on the aesthetics of speed&nomadism, flexibility&reconfigurability. The trans-architecture of such amazing cities is an intimate fusion of space with light, sound, colours and virtual reality, focused on conceptualism, minimalism, happening, irony&urban phantasy. Such a ”Citta Intermedia” becomes a net where people are free to express their temporary trans-culture, creativity&identity, a place where even time is a creativity matrix. But the loss of the center, horizon, natural, normal, even human, will contribute to a diminution of the role of the ego&history. A culture dominated by temporary cities will be a post-historical and post-literary culture. (Constantin Severin)

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Gregory Steel
. USA | Fabiolla Duarte . Brazil | Rafael Roa . Spain | Patricia Ward . Germany | Luca Curci & Fabiana Roscioli . Italy | Maria Barbara Scarcia . Italy | Ruth Schreiber . Israel | Gerlinde Miesenboeck . Austria | Magda Matwiejew . Australia | Dimitris Douramakos . Greece | Gaia Alice Intaglietta . Italy | MACRO . Italy | James Morgan . USA | Etta Säfve . The Netherlands | Stefan Szczelkun . UK | Heesoo Kim . Canada | Dorota Zglobicka . Poland | Marie Losier . USA | Anja Mohn . USA | Patrick Rimond . France | Maya Zignone . Italy | Samantha Donnelly . UK | Hubert Dobler . Austria | Sarah Tremlett . UK | Nancy Atakan & Ipek Duben . Turkey | Catherine MacGregor . UK | Donna L. Clovis . USA | Guido.LU’ . Belgium | Lisa Yachia . Italy | Blue MacAskill . UK | Ian Nesbitt . UK | Jean-François Boclé . France | Miro Soares . Brazil | Vasco Otero . Portugal | Pierre Daudelin . Canada | Mitra Memarzia . UK | Carmen Cardillo . Italy | Matthew Verdon . UK | Sayaka Shimada . Japan | Luis Berríos Negrón . Puerto Rico | Mauricio Mayorga . Colombia | Tim Folland . USA | Hellaimorth Clément Zerbola . France | Kevin Evensen . USA | Colette Copeland . USA | Daniel Bejar . USA | Stelios Dexis & Myrto Vounatsou . Greece | Nina Maria Kleivan . Norway | Bradly Dever Treadaway . Italy | Clara Arezzo / Olivia Longo / Romina Pistone . Italy | Joanna Hoffmann . Poland | Ge-Suk Yeo . Germany | Massimo Franchi . Italy | Paul Bower . UK | Tom Estlack . USA | Flavio Sciole’ . Italy | Analeine Cal y Mayor . Mexico | Yvonne Buchheim . UK | David Rossmann . Italy | Bottazzi Guillaume . France | Ricardo Rivera . USA | Pui Lee . UK | Andrea Abbatangelo . Italy | Jasna Hribernik & Zmago Lenardic . Ljubljana | Francesca Penzani . USA | Joe Ives . USA | Sigurdur Gudjonsson . Iceland | Jason Waite . USA | Louie Palu . Canada | Christina Gangos . UK | Joe Duffy . UK | Jason Mena . Puerto Rico | Anita Allyn . USA | Renata Kudlacek . UK | Gianluca Bianchino . USA | Lucia Flego . Italy



Name/Surname: Magda Matwiejew

City/Country: Victoria – Australia

Film title: Arabesque

Running time: 8 min. 47 sec.

Brief film synopsis: Arabesque is a work which uses digital technology to create spaces and movement from still images. Spaces are formed that open and close, expose and conceal; form dissolves into abstraction, and the figured becomes unfigured. A sense of ritual and ceremony is implied by these changes and movements, and the veiling and unveiling of forms and scenes. A viewer is surrounded by and drawn into an imaginary world, where what is real and what is fantasy is uncertain, a synaesthetic world where forms, colours and patterns offer delight to the senses. Arabesque finally is poetic rather than narrative in form.


Name/Surname: Fabiolla Duarte

City/Country: São Paulo – Brazil

Film title: Cem Desculpas

Running time: 2 min. 12 sec.

Brief film synopsis: A naked woman says the sentence “a thousand sorries” (mil desculpas) a hundred times leading to the language treak that questions the real intention of the one that says it, once in portuguese the word “a hundred” (cem) has the same sound as “none” (sem). Therefore once she says it a hundred times, she says it “none” times. She is naked, she is exposed, but, she does not mean it.



Name/Surname: Gerlinde Miesenboeck

City/Country: Austria

Film title: Land_sterben

Running time: 3 min. 30 sec.

Brief film synopsis: As a consequence of major economic changes in the recent past many farmers in decentral regions were forced to give up farming, which is termed “Bauernsterben” (Farmer dying). Farming shaped rural life througout throughout history. Not only land, also culture has been traded from generation to generation. But the idea of life in the countryside (“Land”) is a romanticised one. The poulation now stands between postmodern culture and rural tradition. In this video a young couple of the local folk dance group is performing in the empty stable of a farmhouse that was documented first 1499.


Name/Surname: Donna L. Clovis

City/Country: USA

Film title: Cityscape

Running time: 5 min.

Brief film synopsis: Cityscape is an experimental, silent short video that utilizes digital photography within a digital film format. It is a collaboration of film and photography, a merging of two mediums into one format that is permitted by the world of New Media. Video tells one version of the story while the digital photography tells another version of a story. The works are interrelated as they move through a stream of time. Cityscape looks at the city of New York from the ground into the air capturing the breath, inhaling and exhaling of life through a city, documenting its existence in the stream of consciousness and time. The breathe of the city is its life, but how will city life change over time?


Name/Surname: MACRO

City/Country: Naples – Italy

Film title: My Fears 2

Running time: 13 min.

Brief film synopsis: This video is the small part of a largest  and complex work, that set the seven capital sins as allegory of the life and propose the woman as the contemporary “God”, in the centre of universe. The bee that works for the Queen is the metaphor of the man who works for the woman, while the last one can freely dedicates her self to the pleasures of life. In this case the lust is represented by the symbolic sequence of a phallic object which goes in a white marble mortar full of honey and comes out from it dripping. Metaphorically, the honey is nectar, vital lymph, sweetness and desire. (Lust).


Name/Surname: Luca Curci – Fabiana Roscioli

City/Country: Italy

Film title: impossible.love

Running time: 6 min. 16 sec.

Brief film synopsis: Luca Curci and Fabiana Roscioli present the video impossible.love. No place. No space. No identity. Only a binary vision in a dimension, in which the body-machine tries to interact, to communicate. Fighting between the essence and the absence, the contact and the vision, the silence and the vacuity. Coming in the life of people using the body in order to create in them a deep crisis, a fracture between the vanity of the identity and the frailty of the representation.


Name/Surname: Jean-François Boclé

City/Country: France

Film title: Tu me copieras (You Shall Copy)

Running time: 27 min. 29 sec.

Brief film synopsis: Squeaks. Scrapes. A breaking chalk falls on the floor, footsteps are heard on the classroom stand. They spark off memories, rising from childhood: school days, walking up to the blackboard, a pupil; his « Master ». A voice is heard, dictating the sixty articles of a 1685 decree by King Louis XIV, legitimating the genocide of Blacks in the lands conquered by France in America and the West Indies. It was in force until 1848. Under dictation, Jean-François Boclé is writing the Black Code, never wiping it clean.


Name/Surname: HELLAIMORTH (Clément Zerbola)

City/Country: Aix-en-Provence – France

Film title: 11

Running time: 19 min.

Brief film synopsis: 11 is a video which experiments the function of the black (at night video) and the reception of a symbolic profusion. The signs and the symbols of five performances, making reference to the mythology notably, are articulated around an enigmatic concept dedicated to offer a semiological explosion. The various scenes (stages) also want, in their context of creation to make echo for historic acts by proposing a personal optics on these. An optics which, in spite of the variety of its contents, is unified around the transit of an object, particularly significant and it on several levels given that its meanings are anchored in the collective unconscious.


Name/Surname: Dimitris Douramakos

City/Country: Athens – Greece

Film title: BLUE IS YOU

Running time: 3 min. 23 sec.

Brief film synopsis: A very sort video poem like an sms says: I miss your colour in my life.





Name/Surname: Colette Copeland

City/Country: Philadelphia – USA

Film title: Media Murders

Running time: 5 min. 5 sec.

Brief film synopsis: Media Murders explores sight/site/cite; how is history recorded/preserved and what is forgotten/erased. Researching murders in my bucolic small town, I revisited the sites (or approximate sites) of horrific crimes and created site interventions/memorials by chalking the body outline, taping off the area with yellow caution tape and leaving a marker designating the date, name of the victim and nature of the crime/death. The anonymity of the places—a grassy knoll, a concrete slab, speaks to the universality of murder. This becomes any/every small town in the U.S.. The video challenges the notion of what constitutes a memorial and how forgotten history recontextualizes a site.


Name/Surname: Bradly Dever Treadaway & Justin Randolph Thompson

City/Country: Florence – Italy

Film title: Resistance

Running time: 4 min. 15 sec.

Brief film synopsis: Resistance is a contemporary revisitation of “The Ballad of John Henry” and examines the balance/imbalance of nature and technology.




Name/Surname: Patricia Ward

City/Country: Berlin – Germany

Film title: Berlin urban intervention

Running time: 8 min.

Brief film synopsis: This is the documentation of an urban intervention throughout dislocated spaces, voids, in the centre of the city of Berlin. I attempt  to convoke the absence from the presence, exploring these empty spaces, emptiness  for the incidence of the context of the Second World War and postponed for the urban planifications. My work explores  the dislocation of these spaces, with an approach to them  using a language of movement and occupancy  from one encounter to another during seven days, determining a factor of transformation into an act of communication.


Name/Surname: Gaia Intaglietta

City/Country: Genova – Italy

Film title: Digital-Embrace

Running time: 3 min. 4 sec.

Brief film synopsis: The pictured love-making’s abstract performance in a future when bodies will need a digital device for reproduction.




Name/Surname: Heesoo Kim

City/Country: Toronto – Canada

Film title: Reminiscent

Running time: 8 min.

Brief film synopsis: This film illustrates reoccurring thoughts and memories, repeating them cyclically with each memory evoking distinctive emotions: frustration, calmness without peace, and agitation of mind.




Name/Surname: Dorota Zglobicka

City/Country: Poland

Film title: Mystery of woman’s power

Running time: 2 min. 48 sec.

Brief film synopsis: The project its about woman’s mystery. so I compare it with mystery of pyramids in Egypt which it very difficult to solve, there is lots of questions about pyramids to find the truth, for example: how did they really get there. It’s said that in MARS we can find exactly the same pyramids as we see in Egypt, it’s said they really exists in MARS, and that they were there first. There are lots of proofs that there is something magic about pyramids, that it’s just impossible for a man to build such a thing than even nowadays would be a ”little” problem to do that. Questions without answers: mystery of pyramides, mystery of woman’s power.


Name/Surname: Samantha Donnelly

City/Country: Manchester – UK

Film title: open / close

Running time: 4 min. 1 sec.

Brief film synopsis: This video depicts an anonymous architectural space.  The object shown seems to be familiar, but difficult to fathom.  The exact location is unclear. Details which may suggest what the space is, its scale and its whereabouts, are eliminated – realism vanishes.  The scale of the work is imposing.  The motion within the work is machinelike and unrelenting.  Watching the video is like being hypnotised.  The work continues to repeat – automatically and endlessly.


Name/Surname: Stefan Szczelkun & Thomas Zagrosek

City/Country: UK

Film title: J18

Running time: 30 min.

Brief film synopsis: J18, the occupation of the City of London (the finance area) by anti-capitalist revellers on June 18th 1999. Focusing on the culture of the new resistance to globalisation. Part of a series of videos being brought out on London counter culture and people power in the Nineties.


Name/Surname: Etta Säfve

City/Country: Amsterdam – The Netherlands

Film title: Snowfall

Running time: 4 min. 11 sec.

Brief film synopsis: A man walks into a winter landscape and starts to shake the snow of the trees to create a snowfall. 8 mm film on DVD, no sound.




Name/Surname: Hubert Dobler

City/Country: New York – USA

Film title: Boxing

Running time: 17 sec.

Brief film synopsis: Boxing myself.






Name/Surname: Marie Losier

City/Country: New York – USA

Film title: The Ontological Cowboy

Running time: 16 min.

Brief film synopsis: The theater is about sex. At least according to Richard Foreman, the father of the Ontological Hysterical Theater. The Ontological Cowboy documents Foreman’s invocation of the “manifest destiny” of the avant-garde theater, King Cowboy Rufus strolling down off San Juan Hill with a sigh, waving his handkerchief. Foreman plays himself, and the cast pantomimes his preoccupations. If the cast and crew suffer alike, it’s all for a good cause: the violent rebirth of the American theater, with Foreman as its midwife.


Name/Surname: Catherine MacGregor

City/Country: London – UK

Film title: Sheraton

Running time: 14 min. 25 sec.

Brief film synopsis: Sheraton is the first in a series of performances where I place myself in a hotel room and interact with the room and the associations which it evokes for me.  I stay in the room without outside contact for at least 12 hours to imagine the history of the room and reflect on emotional and physical memories that I have of similar rooms.  I perform a series of actions for video within that time frame.  From this experience I have made an edited film which reflects my experiences in the hotel room.


Name/Surname: Sarah Tremlett

City/Country: Bath – UK

Film title: Blanks in Discourse: 05

Running time: …

Brief film synopsis: Exploring globalised social systems this work compares the individual to magnified pixels. These elements truly define society – are stared at by a greater part of the world on a daily basis yet are invisible or ‘stared through’. This experience relates to the maternal – alive, creating process yet politically dead. As pixels scroll up the screen pulsing ‘I’s appear and disappear accompanied by the fading in and out of steady breathing – a sound which lies beyond gender, temporarily releasing us from the endless system. This work could benefit from a large-scale public site eg the side of a building.


 Name/Surname: Lisa Yachia

City/Country: Rome – Italy

Film title: Slithering

Running time: 4 min.

Brief film synopsis: From roman outskirts to the centre to meet a friend, roberto lucifero, and his serpent, in the occurrence of his gallery’s event: garden of eden.




Name/Surname: Ian Nesbitt

City/Country: Nottingham – UK

Film title: Give the People what they want

Running time: 12 min. 15 sec.

Brief film synopsis: ‘Give the people what they want’ is a cut-and-paste exploration of popular culture’s dual obsessions with saccharine romance, on the one hand, and grisly violence on the other. Iconic scenes taken from mass-media sources, then re-appropriated, force the viewer to question their own daily saturation within what have become cultural norms. It deals not so much with the physical, but the moral and social architecture of our times; who are the architects of these spaces, and what are their aims?


Name/Surname: Maya Zignone

City/Country: Genova – Italy

Film title: VI.123
Running time: 8 min.
Brief film synopsis: The video installation is conceived as three different journeys (represented into three interacting videos), exploring hidden mental spaces, real places and energies that come and go creating images very often just perceived by the eye. A space created to communicate, full of tension, made of balance and void, of personal history, that changes together with the person who visits it, who interprets it, always acquiring different connotations. As in a space-time journey one has the illusion of exploring different atmospheres, of meeting, through a minimalist language, already known spaces, sometimes created using geometrical elements, sometimes using bright ones, and, last but not least, real spaces created by men for men.

Film title: Where are you [?]
Running time: 6 min. 08 sec.
Brief film synopsis: Where are you? Is it possible to live in the Olympic calm of the lines and the surfaces? This is the beginning of a visionary tail of a trip that in reality has alternate, contradictory connections with the dimension of every day life and the present time. The purpose of this story is rather more ambitious: starting from the chaos in which the humanity seems to live in order to find their way out, going backwards to the origin of it, to the first false step which has brought the society to live in neurotic and totally absent way. The scene is moving on the background of a chaotic city like many others, with the same lives and the same situations and seems to be telling us that a passage exists. It could simply be the tenderness of two teenagers, enough to lead us into the coloured and oneiric dimension which could be the only way to rescue us; it doesn’t just allow a light touch of the events but it absorbs them, it lives them to the full, integrating them, or even better, modelling around all that the destiny seems to reserve us day after day. The alternation of reality and fantasy, within the precariousness of the borders, is created following colours first, and then, black and white, which also gives a rhythm to the tail. And this is why the audience/reader finds himself caught between reality and fantasy: Where are you? Where am I?



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