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Events | March 25, 2006 |

Temporary Identities – Video Art event at Novosibirsk State Art Museum, Russia.
April 6 – May 15, 2006

Temporary Identities is videoart section of aniGma-2006, The 3d Novosibirsk International Festival of Digital Imaging, Animation & Video Art. April 6 – May 15, 2006. For more info about artists click here.

General Information.
Novosibirsk State Art Museum (NSAM) was established in Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, 1957. The same year has put a start to creating a collection. On December 27, 1958 the gallery opened its first exposition at the following address: Sverdlova str., 37 (on the first floor of a five storey living house). In 1982 the gallery moved to its present building, formerly occupied by organs of the communist party of the Soviet Union. A part of the building is a monumental of architecture has been built in 1926 for the Siberian Revolution Commitee by an architect A.D.Kriachkov. Nowadays Novosibirsk Art Gallery is one of the most considerable art collections in Siberia.

Concept. The project focuses on videos and films dealing with various phenomena, peculiarities and problems of contemporary and temporary identities. Luca Curci’s International ArtExpo Group is a striking rhizomatic-nonaristotelian web, situated on the top of the active volcano of the contemporary thinking/identity. In a fractal world which generates fractal identities. TEMPORARY IDENTITIES. Temporary meanings. Temporary Gods. ArtExpo prefers shadow instead of black and white, flexibility and fluidity instead of fixation, fuzzy instead of certainty. Smile and laughter instead of hate. They know how to possess a MATRIOSHKA IDENTITY: to be focused on multiplicity and permanent change, the pilllars of our actual fuzzy world. They know that in the hard core of our identity we may ”read” the text of the infinity. They know that man’s life is a love story between the Self anf the Time. (Constantin Severin)

.organizer Novosibirsk State Art Museum (NSAM) – Russia
.partner LeVall Art gallery (Russia) & International Art Expo (Italy)
.curators Andrey Martinov, Luca Curci
.place NSAM (Krasny prospect, 5 Novosibirsk 630007 – Russia)

Donna L. Clovis
. USA | Giusy Lauriola . Italy | Stefano Tordiglione . Italy | Guido.LU’ . Belgium | Jussara Felix Figueredo . USA/BR | Corpicrudi & Francesco Arena . Italy | Luca Curci & Fabiana Roscioli . Italy | Mee Ping Leung . Hong Kong | Hulya Kupcuoglu . Turkey | Octaviano Netto . Brazil | Maya Zignone . Italy | Maria Lianou . Cyprus/Greece | Stefan Szczelkun & Thomas Zagrosek . UK | Cheng Shih-Chun . Taiwan | Oliver Marlow . UK | Richard Journo . Italy/UK | Anna Syczewska . Poland | Mario Materia . Italy | Izumi Chiaraluce . Italy | Alfio Cangiani & Nicola Amato . Italy | Jovan Mrvaljevic . Montenegro | Frankie Thomas . Canada | Hilda Hiary . Jordan | Yi-Li Yeh . Taiwan | Bottazzi Guillaume . France | Wiktor Polak . Poland | Evangelia Basdekis . Greece | Lorik Sylejmani . Kosova | Magda Matwiejew . Australia | Massimo Franchi . Italy | Fulvio Rifuggio . Italy | Hellaimorth Clément Zerbola . France | Casey Foote & Bruce France . USA | Katherine Nolan . UK | Lucia Flego . Italy | Liz Knox . Canada | Colette Copeland . USA | Mamta B. Herland . Norway | Ferhat Ozgur . Turkey | Emer Gillespie . Ireland | Sarah Tremlett . UK | Kestutis Sapoka . Lithuania | Jean-François Boclé . France | Kate Moyse & Simon Waller . France/UK | Peter Rose . USA | Bradly Dever Treadaway & Justin Randolph Thompson . Italy | Kleoni Manoussaki . USA | Maristella Colombo . Italy | Ilaria Giaconi . Italy | Andrea Abbatangelo . Italy | Seunghee Kang . Korea/UK | Mairead McClean . UK | Ronnie Close & Yvonne Buchheim . UK | Bronwen Casson . Ireland | John Aasp . USA | Sangam Sharma . Austria | Anna & Corrina Bonshek . Australia | Jacqueline Galvin . Ireland | Taha Belal . Egypt/USA | Augusto & Flavia Netto Sisa . Paraguay | Luis Gabriel Cantillo Mojica . Colombia | Pablo Ribot & Debbie Grimberg . Argentina | Roberto Bellini Alves Monteiro . Brazil | Paulina del Paso Gordillo & Pedro Gonzalez Deister . Mexico | Jorge Alberto Alban Dobles . Costa Rica | Diego David Cifuentes Guerra . Ecuador | Carlos Fernando Osuna . Colombia | Flavio Sciole’ . Italy | Claudia Mongini . Austria | Alex Grant . USA | Natasha Beste . USA | Ariane Maugery . France | Oneika Russell . Jamaica W.I. | Laura Skocek . Austria | Márcia Brandão . Austria | Seung ah Lee . Korea/UK | Kira Kim . Korea/UK | Cecelia Condit . USA | Gilles Delalex & Thomas Wessel-Cessieux . France | Tine Louise Kortermand . Denmark | Sebastian Schlöglmann & Helene a[punkt] . Austria | Lasse Brandt – Germany

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