The Opal Tribe

The Opal Tribe

Fashion | March 14, 2024 |

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Image courtesy of The Opal Tribe

The Opal Tribe

The Opal Tribe, a trailblazer in the world of fashion, captivated audiences at the Vancouver Fashion Week with its latest collection, Ret. Renowned for its fusion wear, The Opal Tribe seamlessly integrates the timeless allure of Indian traditional arts and textiles with contemporary silhouettes. This showcase follows the brand’s prestigious win as the “Designer of the Year – Ready to Wear (Indian)” at the Elle Graduates Awards 2022.

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Image courtesy of The Opal Tribe

At the heart of The Opal Tribe’s ethos lies an unwavering commitment to authenticity, quality, and uniqueness. Each garment is more than a piece of clothing; it’s a meticulously crafted narrative that embraces a timeless approach to design. The Ret collection, unveiled at Vancouver Fashion Week, stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to staying true to its roots while embracing the dynamic trends of today.

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Image courtesy of The Opal Tribe

Founder duo of The Opal Tribe, Pratik Karandikar and Maitrik Satra, expressed, “Our designs are not just about clothing; they are about storytelling. The Opal Tribe seeks to narrate the rich tales of India’s cultural heritage through their collections. We believe in creating pieces that resonate not only with the contemporary aesthetic but also with the cultural heritage they represent.”

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Image courtesy of The Opal Tribe

Beyond fashion, The Opal Tribe distinguishes itself with a unique approach to sustainability. While environmental consciousness is paramount, the brand’s vision extends to a social commitment. The Opal Tribe actively supports and promotes traditional practices, aiming to breathe new life into the craft and skills of India’s artisan community.

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Image courtesy of The Opal Tribe

“Our perspective on sustainability is rooted in a social responsibility to uplift and preserve the incredible skills of our artisans. By creating a market for their craft, we hope to contribute to the longevity of these age-old traditions and empower the artisans who are the backbone of our heritage,” says the Opal tribe duo.

The Opal Tribe extends an invitation to fashion enthusiasts, influencers, and the media to explore the intricacies of Indian crafts and witness firsthand the brand’s commitment to authenticity and social sustainability.


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Image courtesy of The Opal Tribe

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