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Thewayweare Armanisilos 001 1
Image courtesy of Armani Silos

The Way We Are
Armani Silos, Milan
September 24, 2021 – February 06, 2022

On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of Emporio Armani, Armani/Silos hosts THE WAY WE ARE, the exhibition-manifesto that narrates and ignites the egalitarian spirit of Emporio Armani. Four decades of a “container” brand flow before the viewer’s eyes via clothing, imagery and films, retracing the past to speak about the present.

Thewayweare Armanisilos 002 1
Image courtesy of Armani Silos

THE WAY WE ARE engages its audience right from the beginning with a declaration covering the entire entrance wall, followed by an itinerary that explores a series of rooms, each expressing distinct values, ideas, aesthetics, and worlds: from accessories to a style that is egalitarian for both him and for her, from Milan to the other metropolises of the world, from the city to exotic destinations, from the heroic and erotic body to the pages of the Emporio Armani Magazine. Everything always in the name of the eagle soaring high above: more than just a logo, but an aggregative universe.

Thewayweare Rmanisilos 003
Image courtesy of Armani Silos

Emporio Armani was created in 1981 with a specific intention- to make fashion accessible to all, with the Armani imprint. The name is revolutionary, with the term Emporio referring to a concept of democratic fashion. Even the communication strategy is innovative, with a gigantic billboard, updated every season, taking over via Broletto in central Milan.

Thewayweare Armanisilos 004
Image courtesy of Armani Silos

Emporio becomes a cultural and social phenomenon right from the start. The logo with the signature eagle is a symbol of inclusivity, and creates a sense of belonging. Over the years the collection has evolved and grown to become a ‘container’ brand. Within it, the ease and elegance of the Armani aesthetic can be found, expressed through a fast paced and metropolitan language.


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Image courtesy of Armani Silos
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Image courtesy of Armani Silos
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Image courtesy of Armani Silos
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Image courtesy of Armani Silos
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Image courtesy of Armani Silos
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Image courtesy of Armani Silos

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