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Tim Haynes exhibition

Art | November 15, 2013 |

Tim HaynesTim Haynes, Collection Box, 2013. Installation

Tim Haynes: _livings – Existing in a physical and non physical space for one month

Interventions and installations existing for a short time then disappearing, exploring what it is like to be on the edges of a place. A visual time line exploration of two contrasting rural and urban environments collected from a series of artworks in the UK and Poland, two locations undergoing a sustained period of transition, with each place at different points of the economic cycle of growth and decline.

Tim HaynesTim Haynes, Hive, 2013. Installation

Looking at the contradictions between the digital and the old manufacturing industries, exploring memory and identity through landscape and place. Finding the fault lines that lie between the two systems using digital video, sound and structures, encouraging open-minded discussion and thinking about new possibilities in how we live and work.

Tim HaynesTim Haynes, Dark Silk, 2013. Installation

The chocolate box image of the Peak district does not show the scars that still lie just under the surface of this amazing landscape, the fact is people have always found it a hard place to earn a living either by farming or by working in the mining industry. So is the future cycle hire and tea shops or is there a new beginning around the corner? My work this year has been about how we see things, not taking for granted what you are told about a place encouraging new ideas and ways of living and working both at home and away from where we live. Tim Haynes

Tim Haynes
_livings – Existing in a physical and non physical space for one month
Opening 15.11.2013 – The Level Centre, Peak District, UK.

more. http://livings.tvc15.co.uk/ | http://www.timhaynes.eu

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