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Image courtesy of Travel Things Museum

London Design Festival 2023
London, UK
September 16-24, 2023

The Travel Things Museum was founded in 2019 by our curator and avid world traveller, Jill Tsai. Inspired by the diversity of artisans she encountered and the remarkable craftsmanship she witnessed, Jill embarked on a mission to display the captivating “things” that piqued her curiosity. Through her travels, she has assembled a collection of objects, travelogues, and stories that serve to support, animate, and connect each of her journeys, offering a thematic selection for you to contemplate.

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Image courtesy of Travel Things Museum

Travel Things Museum is a London-based arts and culture organisation dedicated to celebrating the wonders of global travel, discovery, interaction, and exchange. Our mission revolves around curating and showcasing exhibits that revolve around the fascinating “items” one encounters during our journey. We believe in harnessing the innate power of material objects, recognizing them as vessels of latent meaning that deserve to be explored, cherished, juxtaposed, and revered as storytellers in their own right.
Join us at the “ReMapping New Worlds with Everyday Objects” with the Travel Things Museum LDF23 exhibition and experience the enchantment of these visually captivating maps. These maps ignite your curiosity and offer fresh perspectives on our world.

London Design Festival 2023 Activities
Exhibition: “ReMapping new worlds with everyday objects”
Discover how ordinary objects can be transformed into extraordinary visual representations, offering fresh perspectives on our global living.

travelthingsmuseum london 002
Image courtesy of Travel Things Museum

Special CollaborationKimsa Project:
We proudly present the Kimsa Project, an extraordinary exhibition of remarkable the OMERE’ lampshades of NAWANE collection, Showcasing the craftsmanship of the Waorani people, an indigenous community native to Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest. Through a series of interactive workshops, guided by skilled craftswomen, you will have the opportunity to explore the art of basket weaving, gain a deep appreciation for intricate skills, and understand the cultural significance behind each craft.

Image courtesy of Travel Things Museum

Interactive Zone:
Learn how to handle century eggs, operate a mini Taiwanese sausage machine, and experience the precision of a Japanese Gun o’clock, among other exciting activities. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind cultural experience in our new interactive area this year. Come join the fun and create lasting memories!

VR Experience- A happy day tripper:
Immerse yourself in a virtual reality journey curated in collaboration with Machine Dreams VFX artist, Robert Millin. Experience the breathtaking beauty of diverse destinations, ranging from the serene temples of Angkor to the vibrant beaches of Thailand. Take a tour of northern Italy, from the enchanting Lake Como to the hilltop baroque basilica in Turin. Then indulge in the bustling ambience of Hokkaido’s fish market, where the senses come alive. Conclude your adventure with a mesmerizing sunset bike ride on the enchanting Seychelles Island.

Curiosity Quiz Game:
Test your knowledge and curiosity with an engaging quiz game designed to challenge and entertain visitors. Explore intriguing travel, culture, and design questions, and see how much you truly know!
Annual Publication Launch: “Travel Things Museum Volume Two” Limited editions are available. Be among the first to own a copy of the highly anticipated “Travel Things Museum Volume Two.

Image courtesy of Travel Things Museum

Talk Event (Ticket required)
John Abbate: “Self-realisation in the Middle of the Pacific”
Join John Abbate as he shares his personal journey of self-discovery during a seemingly idyllic vacation on a remote island in the Pacific. Explore the notions of wealth, poverty, and finding one’s place in the world through the lens of travel.

Vanessa Yim: “Soul Relics Museum – when movement/ migration carries a relic”
Soul Relics Museum is an online museum that showcases everyday objects and stories that relate to one’s emotions and mental health. She will discuss her motivations behind setting up the museum, and share some of the stories and objects relating to migration and movement.


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Image courtesy of Travel Things Museum

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