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Fuorisalone True To Nature 01
Image courtesy of Calvi Brambilla

True To Nature. The Show Is Back.
Signature Kitchen Suite showroom, Via Manzoni 47, Milan
June 07 – June 12, 2022

During the Fuorisalone, Signature Kitchen Suite pays tribute to Nature and genuine flavours, with an event open to the public at the showroom in the Brera Design District. The premium built-in appliance brand makes its debut at Eurocucina/FTK (Pav. 15, Stand G27 H26) with a display area of 400 sqm. Signature Kitchen Suite, the premium appliance brand of the LG Electronics group, which has always made respect and passion for food a true philosophy, takes part in the Fuorisalone with an event open to the public, taking place in the company’s showroom at Via Manzoni 47 (corner of Piazza Cavour), inside the Brera Design District.

Fuorisalone True To Nature 02
Image courtesy of Calvi Brambilla

TRUE TO NATURE. The Show Is Back (a title that links to the brand’s “True to Food” mantra while emphasizing the connection with the developments presented during the last Design Week) sets out to raise awareness of the necessity to create a solid bond with nature, as a key element in our lives, even in the city. Getting back to nature means fully appreciating the world around us, re-learning how to treat it with respect and love, to become active protagonists in the creation of a feasible present and a positive future. Visitors are invited to take part in an immersive experience that begins in the outdoor gallery adjacent to the arches of Porta Nuova and continues through the three levels of the showroom, which during Design Week unveils its updated and even “greener” spaces, thanks to a complete restyling carried out by the studio Calvi Brambilla.

Fuorisalone True To Nature 03
Image courtesy of Calvi Brambilla

In the outdoor area, an illustration on a large scale by Carlo Stanga introduces the guests to the experience. For Signature Kitchen Suite, the artist will make a macro-view of the city of Milan, reinterpreted from the True to Food perspective – an explicit invitation to rediscover the importance of contact with nature, even in an urban setting. From the “terrace over Milan” of Signature Kitchen Suite it is possible to observe a new city, between reality and imagination, where nature (and food) become part of the landscape. Inside the showroom, Signature Kitchen Suite brings various examples of food and beverage products that are synonymous with excellence and quality, from the making of balsamic vinegar in Modena to the disgorgement of ancestral wines. Guests will be able to discover these activities firsthand, sampling the results. The pathway becomes a way of rediscovering the value of food, it’s timing, its seasons, and the craftsmanship that goes into the respectful treatment of raw materials, in keeping with natural principles.

Fuorisalone True To Nature 04
Image courtesy of Calvi Brambilla

For Signature Kitchen Suite, this respect should also continue inside our homes, where the technology and design of appliances become key factors for better conservation and preparation of foods. The showroom also lets visitors discover the entire range of premium built-in appliances of Signature Kitchen Suite, learning about their characteristics and functional features. The displays include previews of two new products that expand the company’s offerings for refrigeration, with a central focus on flexibility in terms of space and versatile use: the convertible under-counter refrigerator, composed of two convertible drawers with six different temperature modes, and the under-counter wine refrigerator, which can contain up to41 bottles in two zones with adjustment of temperature and humidity.

Fuorisalone True To Nature 05
Image courtesy of Calvi Brambilla

Storytelling is the key factor in TRUE TO NATURE, in the sense of passing on knowledge and traditions. Through visual impressions, words and a unique food experience, Signature Kitchen Suite accompanies guests through a narrative of excellence to be respected, supported and transmitted. To write the story of a sustainable nutritional future with a precise accent on quality and value.


Fuorisalone True To Nature 06
Image courtesy of Calvi Brambilla

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