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Image courtesy of Urkell

Sustainable Clothing

Urkell is a Milan-based clothing brand and a community of people (athletes and creators), willing to express their talent on a 360-degree horizon. Feeling part of a community is essential and represents the main reason we strive to support realities and individuals that work in this direction; everyone can make a small but significant contribution to improve their own community.

Image courtesy of Urkell

This means we aim to get directly in touch with the people we work with to establish a more profound link with them. Furthermore, considering the challenges we’re facing to preserve our planet, we believe that trying to have a supply chain that is as sustainable as possible is the least we can do.

Image courtesy of Urkell

Therefore we privilege the choice of organic and recycled materials in the creation of our products. We aim at developing a project starting from the bottom and always in close connection with the people and the reality they represent, without ever losing sight of the bond between them.

Image courtesy of Urkell

Each person, sportive or not, is meant to be in touch with his own environment and act in accordance with it; for this reason, Urkell seeks to support people and realities in making a change, either big or small, and concretely getting committed for a better future they would like to see in their communities. We pursue our intents believing that doing every day what you love cannot help but improve your life, allowing you to feel accomplished through meaningful acts.

more. www.urkell.it

Image courtesy of Urkell

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