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Fashion | October 20, 2019 |

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Vanessa Gade
Jewerly Design

Modern design with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic reminiscent of Japanese and Scandinavian design. Inspired by everything from art deco architecture and ikebana flower arrangements, to suspension bridges and crisscrossing power lines. Design Milk says “San Francisco-based metalsmith and designer Vanessa Gade’s jewelry is so good that I could easily go broke buying every single piece she’s designed. Her work has that clean and minimalist aesthetic that is a modern design lover’s dream. Clean lines and simple forms are the base of each piece with beautiful craftsmanship and interesting designs to boot” Launched in 2007, VGJD has been featured by InStyle, Lucky, VOGUE, Oprah magazine, SELF, Design Milk and Refinery 29. My pieces have been worn by Viola Davis, Jessica Alba, Olivia Wilde, Natalie Dormer, Chelsea Handler and Molly Ringwald. Represented by the world’s finest galleries and Museum Stores including the SFMOMA, The Guggenheim, The Getty and The National Gallery of Art.

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Image courtesy of © Vanessa Gade

Our customers love to learn about new brands and collections. Help us tell your story and highlight the most exciting details about your brand, story, products, fit and quality by filling out this short questionnaire below. Feel free to include as much detail as possible, and include links or send additional materials, press kits, etc. The more information we have, the more compelling story we can craft. I launched the company in September of 2007 so we are celebrating our 11 year anniversary this month! Im academically trained as a Historian and during my first year in University I was an avid photographer. I volunteered my time to help construct the new darkroom on campus which happened to be adjacent to the jewelry studio, I was immediately captivated by the tools and machinery, the molten metal and the shimmering gemstones, I wandered inside and my path forever changed.

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Image courtesy of © Vanessa Gade

My junior year I had the amazing opportunity to complete my art history credits abroad in Florence, Italy. I had one elective and I chose the Jewelry course, I was surrounded by those who were studying to become jewelry professionals and it opened my eyes to the possibility of that path. I completed my degree but jewelry remained with me, so I decided to forego a career in academia and pursue my passion in my creative field. I moved to San Francisco to attend a Graduate Jeweler Program and the following year I launched the company! (think: quality, materials, manufacturing, design aesthetic, comfort, function, etc.). I founded my company on three principles: Innovative Modern Design, Quality Craftsmanship and an Exceptional Customer experience.

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Image courtesy of © Vanessa Gade

I strive to create pieces that are truly innovative and original, I want my pieces to have a simplicity but are also intriguing. My first collection still remains my signature, the use of the chain as more than just a carrier for the pendant but as part of the design itself. The whole piece is kinetic, and relies on Negative space and suspended movement, each piece being fixed and fluid all at once. The quality of each piece is also paramount to me and we proudly handcraft all of our pieces in precious metal with great attention to detail. I also want to ensure that my pieces are enjoyed for seasons to come and that my customers feel well take care of, I offer a Free professional cleaning once a year for the lifetime of each piece, and if anything needs to be repaired or adjusted, just send it to us and we will take care of it. I have many customers that have been with me since I first launched and many have become dear friends, that is truly the most fulfilling part of my work.

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Image courtesy of © Vanessa Gade

This is always a tough question for me as I feel its like choosing your favorite among your children! But I will always have a soft spot for the original Inner Circle Necklace. It was the piece that started it all and became my signature and what I am known for, it still remains my best selling piece of all time. As I was working in my studio one day in beginning of 2007 I was really trying to develop something that would be different and stand out in the saturated world of jewelry. I knew I wanted to work with the circle as it such personal and universal significance, but it was a difficult to envision something with a circle I had not seen before, while at the same time without complicating the simplicity of the form. That became my challenge, and I happened to pull a piece of chain across a set of bangles sitting on my jewelers bench and that was the light bulb moment, the first Inner Circle Necklace was created that afternoon. The Inner Circle Collection still remains my most popular, it speaks to the universality and the appeal of the Circle as a form and symbol. The two tone pieces especially, I also like the way those provide a contrast and really highlight the angles and shapes in each design.

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Image courtesy of © Vanessa Gade

Most all of my pieces have a 17″ chain length with an extender chain at the back that allows for an extra 2 inches of length. I find that works for most people however I can happily create customer chain lengths! Many of my designs also come in a variety of sizes so special requests are accommodated whenever possible. Many of my pieces are inspired by architecture and iconic buildings around the world, most especially San Francisco. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with both the SFMOMA and the LA Philharmonic (their symphony hall was designed by Frank Gehry) to create custom collections based on the architecture of their buildings. Those were some of my favorite projects! Any recent press or celebrities sporting your brand? Viola Davis, Jessica Alba (on the cover of SELF), Chelsea Handler, Molly Ringwald, Olivia Wilde, Laverene Cox (Orange is the New Black) , Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones) , Andie MacDowell, Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black), Erin Moriarty. We have been featured in VOGUE, InStyle, LUCKY, SELF, Oprah Magazine, Nylon, Cosmopolitan, ELLE, San Francisco Magazine, Refinery 29, Dwell, and Design Milk.


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Image courtesy of © Vanessa Gade
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Image courtesy of © Vanessa Gade

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