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Verdon Balconies

Architecture | February 23, 2020 |

Christophe Benichou Architectures Balcons Verdon Balconies 04
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Verdon Balconies by Christophe Benichou Architectures
Location: Verdon Gorges, France
Status: Project 

Verdon balconies” is a resting space for climbers installed in the mythical gorges of Verdon. Since the 1960s, this canyon in the South of France has become a must-see climbing site because of its unique depth in Europe and the quality of its limestone rock. Majestic and vertiginous, the Verdon cliffs stretch up to 700m high, offering a playground as noble as impressive.

Christophe Benichou Architectures Balcons Verdon Balconies 02
Image of Christophe Benichou Architectures

At the heart of this vertical universe, suspended platforms offer a welcome horizontal rest. They can welcome climbers for a simple break or for the night, basically sheltered from the wind and the falls of stone. Entirely metallic for a light and reversible integration, these structures invoke the domestic figures of the balcony and the curtain to bring an unexpected hospitality to the realm of the void.


Christophe Benichou Architectures Balcons Verdon Balconies 06square
Image of Christophe Benichou Architectures
Christophe Benichou Architectures Balcons Verdon Balconies 01 1
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Image of Christophe Benichou Architectures

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