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vifa design 001
Image courtesy of Vifa

Authentic sound since 1933

Vifa, a high-end audio brand from Denmark with a history of 90 years, is a model for the combination of audiophile-grade acoustics and craftsmanship aesthetics. Vifa was founded in 1933, in the 90 years of acoustic design and development, and has always insisted on the pursuit of high fidelity, and worked tirelessly to “Restore the authentic sound”. Since its inception in 1933 when founder N.C.Madsen successfully developed the first generation of Vifa electromagnetic drivers in Videbaek, Vifa has consistently maintained exceptionally high-quality standards and has provided acoustic support for 500 renowned brands around the world. Utilizing nearly a hundred years of experience in sound technology, and integrating Nordic aesthetics into product design, Vifa creates a Nordic series of speakers, including Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Reykjavik and so on. Each user can enjoy the perfect sound quality but also feel Vifa’s pursuit of life aesthetics. Through Vifa SOUND Danish master tuning, Vifa wireless speaker products not only deliver exquisite sound but also exhibit exceptional compatibility with a wide range of music genres. With a balanced and full-bodied performance across the highs, mids, and lows, these speakers offer rich expansiveness and convey warm, authentic sound. Stands out not only for the sound but also for the premium Nordic design.

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Image courtesy of Vifa

With simple and flowing lines, a clever combination of wool textile and aluminium frame, as well as exquisite embroidery buttons and an embossed logo, get a simple yet distinctive Vifa style. Vifa speakers jump out of the common speaker design framework, highlighting a low-key Nordic style, perfectly integrated into the living environment. The distinctive minimalist design has also won design awards such as IF and Red Dot. The materials used in the speakers are carefully selected. Its core fabric is specially customized by Europe’s leading textile manufacturer Kvadrat, with a sound transmission rate of 99.6%, perfect for both visual and auditory enjoyment. Handcrafted vegetable-tanned leather specially selected from a renowned Swedish leather manufacturer Tärnsjö is premium in texture, environmentally friendly, yet durable.

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Image courtesy of Vifa

Energetic vibe, vibrant colours. And that understated Nordic look and feel. Copenhagen has an exquisite sound design. Reflecting a certain philosophy: Respect for materials, for details, for the user.

“Copenhagen is a product that loves pure, pleasant sound, surrounded by music”. Copenhagen is a product that is designed for users who love pure, pleasant sound, are surrounded by music; live in the digital age and use mobile products. Excellent design and workmanship, very high-cost performance. ” (The Danish Magazine)

vifa design 004
Image courtesy of Vifa

Stockholm weaves years of technical craftsmanship with the purest form and function. You can hang it, turn it, do whatever you like. Simple to use. Requiring no pre-settings. Made for the sake of quality.

Set to the highest standards of audio excellence across all music genres, Stockholm offers the utmost perfection in presenting instrumental music and vocals. With crystal-clear and vibrant heights, well-balanced mids, and profound bass, it delivers an exceptional audio experience.

vifa design 005
Image courtesy of Vifa

Petite. Powerful. Portable. When sound meets class meets cheer. Helsinki is freedom of movement. A powerful battery, and a Bluetooth connection. And a leather strap allowing you to carry your music along, wherever you go. Let it play. Take it out. Utilizing specially customized fabrics from Kvadrat and genuine leather carry straps from renowned Swedish leather manufacturer Tärnsjö, the Vifa products seamlessly blend Nordic aesthetics with classic craftsmanship.

vifa design 006
Image courtesy of Vifa

Stands tall and stands out. Cutting edge & compact. Oslo is a carry-along loudspeaker. Its upright lines mean a small footprint occupying little space. Still, the playback volume is ample and ear-blowing. Powerful sound to be taken place. The warmest tonality within the Vifa series, offering exceptional performance for instrumental music. The mid-range and bass frequencies are distinct: yet harmoniously integrated, providing rich expansiveness.

vifa design 007
Image courtesy of Vifa

Reykjavik is an eruption of sound. A mysterious, rough design evoking a universe of undiscovered possibilities. A tribute to the fissured, flowy, foggy landscapes of the Northern Hemisphere. The sound of Reykjavik is the crispest tonality within the Vifa series, with distinct layers and clarity. The highs and mids are pristine and precise, with clear frequency separation and harmonious fusion of tones. It’s the smallest Bluetooth loudspeaker yet seen in the Vifa range, but nonetheless, it comes with a surprising, 360-degree rendering of the brand’s authentic signature sound.

vifa design 008

Image courtesy of Vifa

The fun of City lies in the collision of colors and the series connection of multiple units. More comfortable wireless listening, run into your pocket anytime, anywhere. Inspired by youth trends. Let’s get together. Sharing is caring. More is merrier. It goes for friends, and it goes for City. Its innovative technology allows you to connect speakers, creating a seamless sound experience. Heavy technology made light and effortless. Gather up, get your speakers together, and swap songs. And let the surrounding sound seduce you.


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Image courtesy of Vifa
vifa desing 010
Image courtesy of Vifa

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