Fashion | June 5, 2022 |

Image courtesy of Viktoria&Viktor


Timeless pieces. For a lifetime. For Viktoria – for Viktor – for all of us. Womens-, mens- and unisexwear handmade in Vienna. At Viktoria&Viktor we have been living sustainability and fairness since 2018. Sustainable & fair on several levels. Sustainability through environmentally friendly materials, high-quality and durable workmanship & puristic and therefore timeless design. Fairness towards our environment, our employees and our customers. You wear a piece from Viktoria&Viktor every day – for the rest of your life – with a clear conscience! We combine aesthetics, function, comfort and quality in one garment. Our collections are designed to make morning decisions easy.

Image courtesy of Viktoria&Viktor

All pieces can be combined in different ways with each other and with already existing favourites – or work completely on their own. Various outfits with just a few pieces – we make the capsule wardrobe possible! Viktoria&Viktor makes fashion for style- and environmental-conscious people who choose responsible consumption and appreciate handmade, individual and high-quality design.

Image courtesy of Viktoria&Viktor

For people who love that little bit of luxury, but want to live it with a clear conscience. For people who care about our planet and its inhabitants – who strive for change in their own small steps. From the first sketch to the last seam every piece is manufactured in Vienna with lots of love and care by a small team consisting of 6 young women. Viktoria Peschl – Founder & owner of VIKTORIA&VIKTOR after two years at the fashion college in Vienna and two master classes for women’s and men’s tailoring,

Image courtesy of Viktoria&Viktor

Viktoria founded her own label in 2018 (at the age of 23). The first collection followed in spring 2019, and in October the opening of her own studio in Vienna. For Viktoria, it was already clear in 2018 to decide against mass consumption and production and in favour of slow fashion. One of her biggest concerns is manufacturing directly in Vienna, right next to the salesroom. The atelier combines shop and workshop and should give customers the opportunity to look behind the scenes and offer the necessary transparency. In her studio you should feel like you are in an old french salon – where the customer is still queen or king – and time stands still a little.


Image courtesy of Viktoria&Viktor
Image courtesy of Viktoria&Viktor
Image courtesy of Viktoria&Viktor

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