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VOLTA NY | March 5-8, 2015, Pier 90, New York

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voltaPhoto courtesy of David Willems

VOLTA NY | March 5-8, 2015, Pier 90, New York

VOLTA NY debuts at PIER 90 in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, in the solo-project fair’s eighth stateside edition on March 5 – 8, 2015. 93 galleries across six continents converge on the new venue, situated adjacent to sister fair The Armory Show, delivering a dynamic survey of emerging and innovative contemporary talent by artists from 34 nations.

This year, over 80 percent of galleries have shown in prior VOLTA editions, both in New York and in Basel, exemplifying the fair’s distinctive identity as a boutique platform for new and salient contemporary art positions within a curated (and, in the case of New York, solo-project) format — the foundation of VOLTA‘s mission since its 2005 Basel inception and arrival stateside in 2008.

Galleries and artists participating in VOLTA NY 2015:

313 ART PROJECT (Seoul) / Kiwon Park; ADA Gallery (Richmond, VA) / Brian Novatny; Danielle Arnaud (London) / Sarah Woodfine; ARNDT (Berlin/Singapore) / Jigger Cruz; ARTLabAfrica (Nairobi) / Peterson Kamwathi; BACKSLASH GALLERY (Paris) / RERO; Galerie Anita Beckers (Frankfurt) / Christiane Feser; Beers Contemporary (London) / Sebastian Schrader; beta pictoris / Maus Contemporary (Birmingham, AL) / Travis Somerville; Rena Bransten Projects (San Francisco) / Marci Washington; BravinLee programs (New York) / Thomas Nozkowski; Brunnhofer Gallery (Linz) / Katharina Karner; CES Gallery (Los Angeles) / Ira Svobodová; CHARLIE SMITH LONDON (London) / Tom Butler; Christinger De Mayo (Zurich) / Yves Netzhammer; Ethan Cohen New York (New York) / Aboudia; CONNERSMITH. (Washington DC) / Erik Thor Sandberg; Curator’s Office (Washington DC) / Jefferson Pinder; LUIS DE JESUS LOS ANGELES (Los Angeles) / Nathan Gluck and Josh Reames; Galerie Anne de Villepoix (Paris) / Yashua Klos; Galerie Jan Dhaese (Ghent) / Lee Ranaldo; Dittrich & Schlechtriem (Berlin) / Andrej Dúbravsky; Galerie Dukan (Paris/Leipzig) / Olivier Masmonteil; GALLERI CHRISTOFFER EGELUND (Copenhagen) / Ida Kvetny; Jonathan Ferrara Gallery (New Orleans) / Nikki Rosato; Galleri Flach (Stockholm) / Lisa D Manner; The Flat – Massimo Carasi (Milan) / Leonardo Ulian; Foley Gallery (New York) / Simon Schubert; frosch&portmann (New York) / David Hayward; Lucy García Gallery (Santo Domingo) / Jorge Pineda; Denis Gardarin Gallery (New York) / Rudolf Polanszky; GE Galería (San Pedro Garza Garcia) + Invaliden1 Galerie (Berlin) / Sergio Belinchón; FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery (New Haven, CT) / Clint Jukkala and Jonathan Waters; Haines Gallery (San Francisco) / Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian; Patrick Heide Contemporary Art (London) / Alex Hamilton; Richard Heller Gallery (Los Angeles) / Michelle Grabner and Dustin Yellin; HilgerBROTKunsthalle (Vienna) / Daniel Leidenfrost and Simón Vega; Hionas Gallery (New York) / Guillermo Pfaff; The Hole (New York) / Gabriel Pionkowski; MARIANE IBRAHIM (Seattle) / Maïmouna Guerresi; Inda Gallery (Budapest) / Balázs Kicsiny; Jenkins Johnson Gallery (San Francisco) / Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle; Kevin Kavanagh (Dublin) / Robert Armstrong; Galerie Kleindienst (Leipzig) / Tilo Baumgärtel; GALLERY KOGURE (Tokyo) / Fuyuki Maehara; Galerie Kornfeld (Berlin) / Robert Fry; LYNCH THAM (New York) / Quisqueya Henríquez; MA2Gallery (Tokyo) / Nobuaki Onishi; Makebish (New York) / Adrian Tone; PATRICK MIKHAIL GALLERY (Ottawa/Montreal) / Natasha Mazurka; Mixed Greens (New York) / Rudy Shepherd; GALLERY MOMO (Tokyo) / Katsumi Hayakawa; Morgan Lehman Gallery (New York) / Rubens Ghenov and David Rathman; MULHERIN (Toronto/New York) / Megan Whitmarsh; Marisa Newman Projects (New York) / Adler Guerrier; NOMAD Gallery (Brussels) / Lavar Munroe; Pablo’s Birthday (New York) / Karsten Konrad; PDX CONTEMPORARY ART (Portland) / Arnold J. Kemp; Popopstudios (Nassau) / Kendal Hanna; ANDREW RAFACZ (Chicago) / Robert Burnier; Lyle O. Reitzel Arte Contemporaneo (Santo Domingo) / Hulda Guzmán; robert henry contemporary (Brooklyn) / Derek Lerner; RYAN LEE (New York) / Paul Henry Ramirez; Samsøñ (Boston) / Lisa Sigal; Scaramouche + The Pool NYC (New York) / Eric Mistretta; SEASON (Seattle) / Peter Scherrer; Shin Gallery  (New York) / Hyon Gyon; Shulamit Gallery (Los Angeles) / Miri Chais and Sanaz Mazinani; SIM Galería (Curitiba) / Rodrigo Torres; Slag Gallery (Brooklyn) / Naomi Safran-Hon and Dan Voinea; Spinello Projects (Miami) / Sinisa Kukec; Stene Projects (Stockholm) / Per Fhager; MARC STRAUS (New York) / Sam Jinks and Marin Majic; Galerie Heike Strelow  (Frankfurt) / Hendrik Zimmer; STUDIO10 (Brooklyn) / Jude Tallichet; Catinca Tabacaru Gallery (New York) / Rachel Monosov; Frederieke Taylor Gallery (New York) / [dNASAb]; TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY (Osaka) / Tomohiro Kato; This Is No Fantasy + Dianne Tanzer Gallery (Melbourne) / Petrina Hicks; Galerie Trois Points (Montreal) / Anne-Renée Hotte; Two Rams (New York/London) / Ryan Schneider; UNION Gallery (London) / Rose Wylie; Upfor Gallery (Portland) / Jack Featherly; Vane (Newcastle upon Tyne) / Stephen Palmer; WHATIFTHEWORLD (Cape Town) / Michael Taylor; widmertheodoridis (Zurich) / Jim Verburg; Mark Wolfe Contemporary (San Francisco) / Todd Lanam; YOD Gallery (Osaka) / Hiroshi Shinno; Steven Zevitas (Boston) / Franklin Evans and Ann Pibal; Galeri Zilberman (Istanbul) / Burçak Bingöl.

PIER 90 can be reached by public transportation via the Eighth Avenue line (E or C trains to 50th Street) or the Seventh Avenue line (1 train to Broadway/50th Street). Additionally, PIER 90 is located just four city blocks from Pier 94: The Armory Show – Contemporary and is connected by an elevated, covered and heated passageway to Pier 92: The Armory Show – Modern.

Visitors can purchase a combination ticket for both VOLTA NY (regular $25) and sister fair The Armory Show (regular $45) online for a discounted price of $60. VIP attendees enjoy shared VIP access with VOLTA NY and The Armory Show.

VOLTA NY gratefully acknowledges Hudson Hotel as its 2015 Exclusive Partner Hotel.

VOLTA was founded in Basel in 2005 by dealers Kavi Gupta (Chicago), Friedrich Loock (Berlin), and Ulrich Voges (Frankfurt). VOLTA11 returns to Markthalle in Basel and coincides with Basel Art Week from June 15-20, 2015.

March 5-8, 2015

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