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The Tech Shoes for Unprecedented Comfort & Versatility are now live on Indiegogo. First-time robotics and machine learning (w-lift™ technology) are used in a sneaker. With WAHU shoes, you can stand all day while the soles adapt to you, to your body and to your needs, while reducing walking fatigue.

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Last october, WAHU ended successfully their Kickstarter campaign for the urban sneaker you’ll need to stand and walk all day. With more than 400 pairs sold, the company is now moving to production. Designed & made in Italy for those who walk and stand for long hours, this is a revolution in footwear. Easily switch between 5 cushioning levels depending on how you’re feeling. The shoes will learn how to improve the support for your feet and the feeling of relief you need.

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“After working on e-mobility for years and studying walking habits of urban workers, we came up with the idea of developing footwear for long days of walking that improves foot comfort while being heavily customizable to the user” says Cristina Russi, co-founder and experienced e-mobility innovation manager.

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WAHU shoes have been designed as a mobility solution for dynamic urban citizens and have become the sneakers with 3-in-1 versatility: providing the benefits of heavily cushioned shoes, the agility of running shoes, and the adaptability of everyday footwear. Being an Italian brand, great attention has been given to the style and to the quality of materials of the shoes.

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All this is made possible thanks to the patented technology, w-lift™, which makes use of airflows and their pressure to create a layer of air between the feet and the ground. An electro-pneumatic system integrated into the sole is also composed of sensors and machine-learning algorithms. With the connected WAHU App, the users can interact with the shoes and learn more about their walking habits, at each step of the way.

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This technology was born within the e-Novia Group. In Milan since 2015, e-Novia is a Modern Factory of Industrial Deep Tech, active on the market with 8 companies. Within its Venture Studio, e-Novia continuously and systematically generates new companies thanks to more than 100 patents in its portfolio. Today, e-Novia is the Italian leader in deep tech applied to autonomous driving. An example of its successes is the 2022 victory in the Indy Autonomous Challenge, when the self-driving racing car of the team supported by e-Novia won first place in the head-to-head race between autonomous single-seaters, also setting the speed record: 173 miles per hour.

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The layer of air inside the soles brings a feeling of relief to your feet that is simply unmatched by any other technology on the market. An advanced suspension system is applied to footwear. “It feels like walking on the moon” continues Cristina.

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“Forget about purchasing different kinds of shoes before finding the one for you. This is the one sneaker that truly feels like it’s made for your feet” and “never commit your style for functionality” remarks the campaign.

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WAHU is a Milan-based Tech Company focused on creating game-changing everyday wearable devices, allowing people to focus more on their goals while getting the best support to achieve them.

more. www.wahu.com

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