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Weareannu is a collection of international designers, thinkers and makers who came together to make beautiful glasses consciously, with innovative manufacturing practices and a considerate approach to design. Our manufacturing story is about taking control and flipping the way we think. Instead of following the mantra of speculatively overproducing, we only make what’s needed. That’s why we choose to 3d-print our glasses. It’s the perfect way not to overproduce and not play the fast fashion game.

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As a brand, we have always been sceptical of the term sustainable; for us, it’s about being conscious of the problem and working toward the best solutions. Such as reducing waste, 3dprinting components, not over-producing, using recyclable materials, designing lightweight, designing to last, using less material, and, where possible, not using fossil fuel-based polymers but plant-based instead.

Every choice we make has a consequence and impact on our environment. We try to be conscious of this by making the best decisions possible and constantly reassessing our approach as we strive to do it better.

more. weareannu.com

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